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    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    Hi - I have a MacBook Pro and use Turbo Cad Mac Deluxe V.11 I learned "Engineering Drawing", as it was then called, 60+ years ago and my CAD drawings skills are basically the same as 60+ years ago applied to a computer package. I am happy doing 2D CAD work, no worries there. There is much...
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    What Engine is This?

    Hi, I have acquired a 3 cyl radial aero engine which is in a part completed condition, but unfortunately the engine did not come with any plans. It would appear to have some similarities with Gerald Smith's Osprey engine. Firstly - Can anyone positively identify the engine, and Secondly -...
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    Adding a Photo

    Hi, I'm new to the website and have a part built radial aero engine, but unfortunately do not have plans for the engine. I would like to put a thread on here complete with a couple of photos to see if anyone can identify the engine, but how do you add a photo to the thread? Chris