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    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    Hi Petertha, the touble with available books on TurboCad is that they are generally written for the Windows version which is different from the Mac version. I have asked the question on how different from my supplier and waiting an answer back. Your advices however are very kind and has given...
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    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    Sorry - when I said a Microsoft product I meant a product that can only run on Microsoft and not on an Apple OS. Similar, but not exactly the same. I appreciate that 3D starts out as 2D and then gets "expanded", for want of a better word, but folks swear by designing in 3D so every part all...
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    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    Hi - I have a MacBook Pro and use Turbo Cad Mac Deluxe V.11 I learned "Engineering Drawing", as it was then called, 60+ years ago and my CAD drawings skills are basically the same as 60+ years ago applied to a computer package. I am happy doing 2D CAD work, no worries there. There is much...
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    Hi Chris - I am another Chris from Somerset, other side of Yeovil to you, so not too far from Frome either. When I can I am trying to complete a 3 cyl radial aero engine, I bought it 3/4 completed from a friend of a modelmaker who was selling it on behalf of his friends widow, his friend having...
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    Coming up on 2 years still enjoying it!

    Been retired 12+ years - as other folks have said, don't know how I ever found the time to go to work. Being old brings health issues it's true, but it also means when you want to go and play you can, providing Senior Managements says so of course. My SWMBO says she never stops me going to my...
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    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    Jenny - really sorry to hear about your back problems, not good news at all, but you have undoubtably done the right thing for the right reason even if it doesn't seem like it right now. So sad. And there was me looking forward to your three legged Anzani radial engine build ! Take care, Chris
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    Harold Hall's precision grinding table

    I have the book but I also find the website invaluable. As Frazer says, the Grinding Rest Table write up on the website is excellent (and free!) and includes drawings last time I looked, plus there are all sorts of other interesting items there too. Well worth the look Chris
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    Hullo from Or-straylia

    I started my engineering using a slide rule, became very quick with it too and loved using it. However, then I didn't need to use it so much and accidentally left it on a ship and lost it for ever and then calculators came along and that was that. I have one of my dads slide rules, but have...
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    1/5 scale Bristol Centaurus

    I'm going to be following this thread along because partly it's an interesting engine being a radial sleeve valve engine, partly because undoubtably I will learn a lot (already found how to make spark plugs!) and partly because it's really quite an ambitious project build, so there will be some...
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    Arduino RPM Application for Sieg Lathes and Mills

    Thanks for your kind words Jenny. Am impressed with your software capability and knowledge, to me it's a black art; as a mechanical guy I am also always suspicious of anything with wires coming out of it! Yes, electronic stuff from the Far East does seem very inexpensive, how they do it for...
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    Arduino RPM Application for Sieg Lathes and Mills

    Having just come across this thread read it with interest as I had a similar problem. With a lathe driven by a 3ph motor controlled by a VFD fitted with a variable resistor giving outputs set from 10 to 70 Hz available at a twiddle of the fingers and a belt variator incorporated within the belt...
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    Stroboscopic Tachometer app for iPhones - Great for finding RPM’s of your spindle

    Hi Jenny, Point me in the direction of the softwear forum please, I'm lost and confused (very easily done these days!!) Chris
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    valve lapping problem

    +1 to what Jenny wrote, plus, I was at sea and we always lapped in valves using 'coarse', then when a uniform surface was observed used 'fine', carborumdum paste ( a specific number grade was not known to us, just coarse and fine!) again on until a uniform finish was obtained, and then finished...
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    How do you keep going on a long project like Lady Stephanie Beam Engine

    Easy accessibility to one's shed is a valid and serious point. This time of year I can't just wander out to my stand-alone stone built shed and do an hour or less on a bit, too damn cold for that. I have a stove in the corner to light first if I'm to be out there all day, which takes time to...
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    How do you keep going on a long project like Lady Stephanie Beam Engine

    Jennifer says she has worked almost everyday since last June on her model. Not sure I could do that, too much dedication at the expense of other stuff I have to do, plus all the "Honey do..." items, but mainly because I could never ever get get Exit Visa's for Shed Time every day passed by...
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    Crankshaft assembly

    Thanks John, will follow your build with interest, as I have looked at Hemmingway Kits and like the look of the engine for myself to build later. Good luck - and keep the photos pouring in! Chris
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    Crankshaft assembly

    Hi - nothing really to do with crankshaft construction but was interested to see on the whole engine drawing there is a pressure lubrication connection. How is this effected? The drawing does not show a collection in the crankcase sump. Chris PS What engine is it, looks interesting!
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    Single Sleeve Valve 'diesel' Engine

    Just a thought, if you have the plans you could look into maybe "carving it out the solid", with maybe a small redesign here and there to accommodate not having castings. Would get you an engine that was similar is not the same. Provided all the essentials remain the same of course it should...
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    Single Sleeve Valve 'diesel' Engine

    Greg, if I may say so I think you have made a wise decision! The Kiwi looks like an interesting and as you point out, a proven runner. If it was me I would probably go for air cooled as being the easier, quicker to completion, option as I would see it, plus no water seal problems to worry...