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  1. velocette

    Help Wanted KBIC 240 AC to DC Motor Control

    Hi Can someone point me in the right direction or post a Wiring Diagram and Parts List for a KBIC 240 AC to DC Motor Control. It has a Capacitor across the L1 L2 terminals numbered C6 that has blown out the side and destroyed the label What is the the values of this capacitor PLEASE Eric
  2. velocette

    Bandsaw For Metal And woodworking

    Bandsaw Re Power My vertical band saw Was a converted woodworking machine with an 18 to 1 worm drive for cutting metal driven by a 1/2 hp motor Three speed poly vee belt drive with 39 52 66 Metres Per Minute A 1 hp motor and 3 speed poly vee belt direct drive gave 650 900 1100...
  3. velocette

    No Hammer Required Morse Taper Removal

    Hi Not being happy with jarring loose the assortment of lock bolts on the morse taper tooling on my mill. A better system was required so got down to making a puller to force them free and abandon the hammer in favour of a gentler and kinder on man and machine system. Hope the photo's...
  4. velocette

    Gear Box Oil Pump

    Hi On retirement I set up a small hobby machine shop to keep my hands and mind busy A 10 X 27 lathe with a 6 Speed Gearbox was purchased second hand and installed. Not being as nimble as I was once thread cutting was a nightmare at 115 rpm so a DC motor and speed controller were fitted...
  5. velocette

    Formulae to Program Cycle Computer to Read Metres Minute

    Hi to all "Home Machinists" I have been restoring a vertical bandsaw and have added a worm drive gearbox to the drive system for metal cutting. Planning on adding a variable speed DC motor to be able to cut at between 20 metres a minute to 70 metres a minute. what is the formulae to find the...
  6. velocette

    Single Phase Motor Chatter

    Hi this is fishing expedition put out this as a bait in October 2011 Some of the noise comes from the motor if it is "Single Phase" they do not have perfectly smooth rotation Something to do with 50 Cycles per second = 3000 per minute. Motor speed 1425 rpm don't ask me how this is I do not...
  7. velocette

    X 2 Mill Belt Drive Alternative

    Hi this is a "What I Did not a How I Did It" post Stripped out All gears and counter shaft from mill head and replaced bearings With Taper Roller Bearings 30206 30 X 62 X 17.25. Grind down 1.5 mm from inner race. Fabricated brass shim shields .25 mm thick = 16 mm Height (same as original ball...