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    I finally have a Lathe Project...

    the unkown chuck is a jacobs rubber flex, unsure of size but you are missing the collets that go in the middle, wich are steel bands held together by rubber. supposed to work pretty well from what i hear and the collets are readily available new or used.
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    I finally have a Lathe Project...

    it looks like the rockwell i learned on in school. nicely built machine in my opinion. the one i had used was worn out but still held tolerances if you knew how to work around them. since it was in a fire i would take the thing apart all the way down to peices, check everything out including...
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    A "Poppin" for Christmas

    with the small diameter drill bits did you try running them at a high rpm? the smaller the bit the faster they need to turn in order to work correctly and not break on you
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    Overhaul of a 9" SB model "A"

    you were told over on PM that it wasnt really neccasary, you should just take down the high spots and run it. if oyu dont like how it operates then worry about all of that. it wont be an quick and easy job to bore out the headstock oversize press in a bushing and re bore that to proper spec of...
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    with my 10l and the full size sheet metal cabinet under it there is not much room for the legs to fit. but something i just did revently thta has really helped with sitting under it, as well as using it standing up was putting some 6x6" timber under the legs to raise up the whole lathe. i am...
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    pressure angle i guess, as well as DP, how can i measure an existing gear to find out what DP it is? i have read through machinery handbook and understand the theory of the different measurements of the gear, but how do i obtain them?
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    this might be a dumb question, but i just got a dividing head to try and make a new gear for my lathe. when counting the teeth of the gear, what is being counted the tooth itself or the void in between the teeth? also i see the angles of the teeth mentioned a lot in gear making, i am going...
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    DAREx grinder

    i havnt used mine yet, bought it years ago not knowing what is was. need to build an x y table to attach to one of my grinders so i can actually use it one of these days
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    DAREx grinder

    i have one of the toolpost attachments that holds 5c collets. it also has an air line attachment on the side. what is the purpose of this? also what PSI should it be run at? Thanks
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    getting ptfe above 300 degrees F will emit a gas and cause "ptfe flu" had to do my senior design project using the stuff, easy to machine but a pain to work with non the less
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