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    Watch your off hand and other body parts!

    When using machinery, especially rotating, think what could cause an accident, and act accordingly. Your family would like you to go home in the same state that they last saw you. Dennis
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    I bought a fixed height bar stool from one of our multiples, and with a couple of cushions, it is just the right height for sitting at my workbench. Also the back is higher than a normal bar stool, and gives me enough support. One of those adjustable office chairs with gas cylinder adjustment...
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    Another one for safety glasses

    A couple of my neighbours wives think it amusing that I wear proper safety goggles (not glasses) over my ordinary spectacles when I'm machining or carrying out a process, something that their husbands do not engage in. My wife is completely supportive of me in this, appreciating that avoiding...
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    hello from hampshire, Engalnd, UK

    Thank you for your welcome, gentlemen. I know from reading other posts what a friendly bunch you are on here. I hope in due course I'll be a contributor as well as a learner. To enlarge on my workshop, I also own a Cowells mill as well as one of their lathes. My direction will be in small-scale...
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    hello from hampshire, Engalnd, UK

    Fairly new machinist with a Cowells lathe and umpteen accessories. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts in the pasts (lurking, I hear you say!). Looking forward to participating and learning. Regards, Dennis Franklin
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