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    Folk on this forum claim that pearlite and similar substrates can flux the surrounding refractory, lowering its melting temperature. There's alot of information on that forum about refractories but I'm still not sure on how valid it all is as there's also alot of conflicting stuff, as well as a...
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    I hate plumbing!!!

    Yeah plumbers really don't get enough credit. Back when there was the plumber shortage in the UK they really liked to belittle the folk on the news and in papers, but I guess it's just part of the snobbery towards tradesmen in general.
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    I get problems with my knees sometimes too. It might be a riddiculous idea but would there be any problems with suspending yourself from the cieling from a climbing harness to take most the weight? Kinda like those things you can get for your toddler...
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