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  1. robcas631

    Hi, I just donated some money to HMEM. Could you please check and see if it was received...

    Hi, I just donated some money to HMEM. Could you please check and see if it was received? Many thanks, Rob Caskie
  2. robcas631

    Another Radial - this time 18 Cylinders

    Terry, What you have accomplished is outstanding! Rob
  3. robcas631

    Project of the Month of July

    Congratulations Dan!
  4. robcas631

    My Table traverse for Chinese mill.

    Great job Baron!
  5. robcas631

    Next Project

    Outstanding! I can't wait to see it completed.
  6. robcas631

    start of a 7x 12 mini lathe taper attachment.

    Looks like you did a great job.
  7. robcas631

    Just bought my first lathe

    Welcome Tanshanomi! I started machining back in 2005. I really didn't know a lot, so I spent a lot of time researching. I stumbled on this forum via internet search. Lucky me, because the fine people here have helped me out a lot. I'm sure you too will be successful and create some cool...
  8. robcas631

    Bad drill press vice. How is this acceptable!?

    It's too inaccurate to be a paper weight. So I'd say Return to seller! ;)
  9. robcas631

    Silver Bullet Build

    Impressive engine!
  10. robcas631

    Going to build my first engine!

    Vascon, Excellent article!
  11. robcas631

    Taig Lathe Modifications

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing holmes.
  12. robcas631

    Ridders Coffee Cup Stirling

    Looks great! I am going to build the J Ridder 20 Euro.
  13. robcas631

    Ultra Quiet Compressor

    Thanks Tin!
  14. robcas631

    small boiler build

    Tin, This afternoon, I had a discussion with my son (Mech Engineering Major @ Stony Brook U. and overall smart arse) and he pointed out just a few problems that could go wrong. Fubar was mentioned quite a bit. When he got to big arse crater.....I was convinced. So what I will do is...
  15. robcas631

    Half Scale Ford Quadricycle Engine

    All I can is WOW! Great job! I can't wait untill it's completed!
  16. robcas631

    Bench grinder setups

    Chuck, I can relate to being older and impatient but machining in a hurry = a world of mistakes and pain. Rob
  17. robcas631

    A gift!

    Thanks Baron.....I really didn't know that it would take off as it did. Glad I still have all of my digits.
  18. robcas631

    Hi friends

    Welcome aboard vijay. There are highly talented people here.
  19. robcas631

    Tips for keeping engines shiny

    Petit, Good question! I wonder how others treat aluminum? Rob
  20. robcas631

    Tips for keeping engines shiny

    Philip, Nice looking engine! Rob
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