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    Metric Threads on Generic 12x 36 lathe

    Recently bought a King 1236 lathe , probably the same as Grizzly or Jet or Precision Machine. Probably sold under many different names in Europe and Australia too. In setting up and trying out my new toy I was going through the different Metric and Imperial threads to check for accuracy. All...
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    Advice on boiler size

    Hello all: I'm getting close to finishing my Stuart Triple Expansion and will want to run it on steam. I have 4 other steam engines that run nicely on air but would like to see them in steam as well . I have looked at PM Reasearch catalogue at their #2 boiler. It has 5 5/8 flues 127 sq. in...
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    Help with Stuart Triple Steam Engine

    This may be long winded, please stay with me. I'm building a Stuart triple and the drawings call for the eccentrics to be made in one piece for each cylinder with the lobes offset from the centre line of the crankshaft by 15 degrees for the low and intermediate cylinders and 30 degrees for the...
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    Power supply for 5 glo plugs

    I know its been discussed on this forum before, but I can't search the particular thread. I need a 1.5 v approx. 5 amp supply to light 5 plugs in a Kinner. It does not run hot enough to sustain without power applied. Can someone help? Thanks Colin
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    Stuart triple drawings

    Well as Windsors post says "castings are sold". I now have the castings in my shop but at some point will need drawings. Can anyone help?
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    What is proper ring groove depth?

    I am building a Snow engine and could not get commercially available 1.060 rings as called out so I upsized bore and pistons to 1.125. Debolt supplied rings in this size .093 width by .050 thickness. How much space(depth) should there be behind the ring? Any help with this problem would be...
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    Help with Myford lathe

    I recently got a Myford 7inch Don't know which model . Has 3 speed Vbelt with motor mounted behind. Came with chucks, faceplate all the usual stuff and a milling attachment. It has manual change gears but no chart. I don't know where to look for a serial # to properly begin a search. This...
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    Hello from Ontario

    Hi, I'm Colin. I live near Woodstock in S.W.Ontario Canada Been lurking around for some time now and it's time to join in. I"m semi-retired and have been hobby machining for about 20 years. Haven't made much but hope to now that I have more time. Main interest is gas engines, built 3 of...
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    Stuart model Steam Engines

    Recently bought a Stuart 10H and a Double10 new old stock complete in original packaging Got them from a guy who got them from a guy you know the story.My question is how old are these kits? The literature in the box has a price of 3 Pd for the Double10 kit and 15 Pd 15 s for a finished...