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  1. Aerostar55

    1936 Midget engine from Popular Mechanics magazine plans

    Here are some pictures of my Midget engine. It has an 1-1/4 inch bore and is built from castings. The first part of the magazine article had drawings for making the patterns for the Crank case halves, the Cylinder, cylinder head, Cast Iron flywheel, brass connecting rod, venturi, and timer...
  2. Aerostar55

    Tormach CNC lathe class

    Has anyone attended any of the Tormach Machine CNC classes? If so how would you rate them?
  3. Aerostar55

    Need Gears for Howell Power House engine

    Help: I'm having trouble locating a source for the 1,125 diameter brass gear for the Howell Power House valve timing gear. It is 48 pitch with 52 teeth. Already tried Boston Gear's website and Stock Drive Products. also ebay. Any suggestions? Thanks !