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  1. Dan Rowe

    Steel Specifications for Boilers

    The AMBSC is a very good reference for boilers but some of the specifications are not easy to find in the US where the ASME boiler code is used by most of the States with some exceptions for hobby boilers. The price of the ASME code is well beyond the means of most hobby builders. Here is a...
  2. Dan Rowe

    1/5 Scale Shay Locomotive

    Yesterday I cut my first metal on a project that has been in the research and drafting stage for several years. The plan started out as S/N 797 the Mich Cal #5 but branched out to include all of the Shays built to Plan 703 with a 3-9"x8" steam engine. Then I realized that I really like 2...
  3. Dan Rowe

    Steam valve Diagrams

    I think the three most common steam valve diagrams were Zeuner, Reuleaux, and Bilgram in that order. I will show how to construct each one. The grandaddy of all of these is of course Zeuner so lets start there. I have a copy of Treatise on Valve-Gears by Dr. Gustav Zeuner but it is mostly Greek...
  4. Dan Rowe

    Mini Blacksmith Tools

    Here is a set of mini blacksmith tongs for my mini shop. The end grain block is 7/16" so 6" square in my scale of 7/8" to the foot. The rail in the floor is 2' gauge (1.75") The tongs are made from 14 GA steel fence wire and the rivet is a 1/32" steel round head rivet. I used my Minitool press...
  5. Dan Rowe

    Shay Locomotive

    The subject of Shay locomotives has been my prime focus for a while now. I have drawn several Shays from the Lima Locomotive Works drawings and have made a scrap bin of failed parts. The one I am working on now is Shop Number 2800. This was a 10 ton Shay with 2-6"x10" cylinders that went to the...
  6. Dan Rowe

    Marine vertical valve gear Programs

    The thread on Pat's engine made me think of the article I wrote for "Steam in the Garden" about the programs by Charles Dockstader and Rainer Radow. Both the programs are free so the article I wrote is also free. I am a Shay fan because it is really a marine vertical engine on a locomotive...
  7. Dan Rowe

    Bottle frame steam engine

    Progress has been slow on this build but I have a couple of of cylinders done. This is the metal wax injection mold with full steam passages. The injection point is rubber that I vulcanised in a bolt on part. This is the other side. The exploded view. The port repair tool. Test wax...
  8. Dan Rowe

    Brazing alloys for copper boilers

    Kozo recommends BAg-1 for all copper boiler work. He states that the ASME code specifies copper joints can be silver soldered for service 205 Deg. C (400 Deg. F) or lower. I have also recommended the AMBSC code as have several others. This code lists 6 silver solders that are allowed by the...
  9. Dan Rowe

    Bilgram bevel gear generator

    My Shay locomotive research lead to researching early bevel gear production methods. Shays were produced from 1880 till 1945 so just how did they make the bevel gears was a leading question in my mind. My experience in geared locomotive patents led me to try the same procedure for bevel gear...
  10. Dan Rowe

    Model boiler design information

    One of the best sources of information on model boiler design is the Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee. (AMBSC) The four books (1) Copper (2) Steel (3) Sub-miniature and (4) Duplex Steel Model Boilers & Boilermaking by K. N. Harris...
  11. Dan Rowe

    US State Boiler Code

    This thread is my attempt to find rules for US State model or small hobby boiler code or construction rules. These are not easy to find. Please check your state and see if the link is correct or if an exemption has been found. Please post any new information so this first post can be updated...
  12. Dan Rowe


    Hi all, I have spotted a few familiar names on this forum and it has been a few days of very interesting reading. I am a retired Marine Engineer and I see that there are a few other sailors already on board. My main intrest is Shay Locomotives and I have been writing a series on building a 10...
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