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    Assembled crankshaft ???

    This is because the centre of mass is not in the centre of the crankshaft as it goes up and down. The second as the arrows show is turning to the right as TDC has a higher inertia than BDC. So on the next 1/2 rev the RH side will be TDC and encouraging a counter clockwise moment. It is when you...
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    Soldering or brazing aluminium help

    I use a propane torch and Harris Al Braze 1070 The brazing rod I use is 4032 in 1mm wire, or you can buy Al brazing rod,and is very similar to 4032. The albraze flux is great. Clean the parts really clean...
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    Great coolant except its toxic

    Just water is the safest coolant, but can rust things though. Some vege cooking oils also work well. Like Rice bran oil for example. The secret is to use very little of the coolant, and relies on the surface contact and evaporation to do the work and make it disappear in the surrounding air...
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    Dykem Hi-spot

    Some bearing blues are not very good when looking for very small amounts, these I have found are the ones that are too wet. It is like the blue capillary attracts to areas not wanted. But the same blue, that has had a wick put to it, to draw out some oil, then becomes good to use. This is the...
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    Dykem Hi-spot

    The bearing blue is either a oil like baby oil, or some brands use linseed oil. Over time they can dry out , especially the stuff sold in a tin, or when the cap cracks.
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    Making shim washers

    Here are the fixtures I use for shims.
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    Making shim washers

    I make shims often. I made a simple fixture. It has a block that goes into the lathe, with a counter bored hole of 12mm that is about 3mm deep. Then there is a M6 tapped hole that goes as deep as the tap can go, about 25mm. There is 4 tapped M6 holes spaced at +-13mm or 26mm square pattern...
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    Shop Tricks for Disabilities

    Because I have a fusion at C3C4 in the neck, I have limited movement in my neck. I was using mirrors often to see things. Now a cell phone is quite useful to look at the compound slide radial graduations or looking in a bore or looking at the dial indicator on a mill when used in mirror mode...
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    Sharpening end mills on new set up

    What a great set up. I like the set cam to get it to come into the cut. What did you do for the air bearing and how you ran the grooves for it? Thanks for sharing, Neil
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    Motorized milling machine head

    Thanks for the detailed reply, The ball screw really does make sense. On my one it needs a new gib as the one that is in it is bent. When locking it up, the head moves more with the bottom one than the top one. I'm was thinking of adding a centre locking screw , but that is solving the...
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    Motorized milling machine head

    That is really great. What have you got for the counter balance? Did you have to redo the vertical gib strip to allow for the head to move? Do you still need to lock the head for milling etc How is the head lubricated on the vertical slide? The box of tricks really does look trick. Very nice...
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    Awsome, thanks for the photo's. Like you say, there are not that many options to have dro and the taper turning attachment. Now I have more questions, What is on the end of the compound slide? Why a glass scale for Z and magnetic for the cross slide? What sort of readout have you got them...
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    Problems with face cutting on lathe, wavy pattern

    I am assuming that you had the saddle locked to reduce any movement there and the top slide/compound slide as well. Does the cross slide feed freely and uniformly? ie no easy and then a little resistance? The easy and little resistance can be from a slightly bent cross slide screw, or from miss...
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    Motorized milling machine head

    I have added a gas strut to my ZX45 mill this weekend. I used one from an Auto parts store. It is 10mm shaft and has a free length of 765mm and compressed length of 480mm. It made such a huge difference in winding the head up and down. I made an adapter that was just a piece of Ali and pressed...
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    Myford S7 Chuck Lock

    Place a grub screw with a brass button, or (something softer than the spindle) to bind the assembly really is a good idea. M6 grub screw would work. I always avoid reverse spindle work with a chuck on the Myford S7 where ever possible. Adding the lock pad will definitely make it safer and add a...
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    Thanks for the replies and links.
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    I don't have any DRO on my S7. I have not figured a way to have a DRO and still be able to use the taper turning attachment that I have used once in a while. I really do like the rotary stops for the saddle but have not got to buying one or a kit either. Anyway, if there is a way to have the DRO...
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