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    For Sale 8" Palmgren Cross Slide Rotary TableSOLD

    I found a Palmgren 8” Cross Slide Rotary table in a box in my shop that I forgot that I had! The reason it was boxed up is, it’s too big for my little milling machine. I just spent a couple of hours taking it apart and cleaning and oiling it. I don’ think it has had very much use. Both the X...
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    Swing Up Threading Tool

    A post a while back about a Swing Up Treading Tool stuck in my mind. So when it became time to thread the neck of the ER collet chuck I built this week, I made a temporary version of it. Along with the ability to instant reverse my little lathe, and it's variable speed capability (the Treadmill...
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    attempting to build a ER Collet Chuck

    A resent visit to GadgetBuilder's web site prompted me to attempt building a ER 32 collet chuck for my C6 Grizzly lathe, similar to the one he made. I've been wanting to buy a R8 quick change collet set for my X3 mill for some time now, so I ordered one the other evening from Discount Machine on...
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    I motorized the "Z" of my X3

    I’ve been thinking about adding a motorized drive to the “Z” action of my Grizzly X-3 Milling machine for some time now. I’ve counted the turns it takes to move the head up or down, say 6 “and it’s 120 or 20 turns per inch. And there is no reason why I shouldn’t power it. The mill has an X-Y...
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    Enco Free shipping Code for MAY

    Just got a note from Enco Free UPS Shipping on your entire order of $25 or more! Just enter promo code: PFSMAY prior to checkout! Thought you might like to see it. Mel
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    Added a generator to my Chuck's Single

    I have been playing with my little Chuck's Single today, and added a working generator to it. Had a bugger of a time fitting a small light bulb to the lamppost, but found one in my box of stuff. The generator is a little motor salvaged from a HP printer and the covering is from a brass drain...
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    Got one to run !

    I reached a milestone today! I've been slowly building a version of Chuck's Single. Had to stop and learn how to build a gear hob. Then learn how to cut gears. Best of all I got to use my new DRO on the X3 mill. I waited until I got the DRO before I started the build and it paid of big time! I...
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    Gear cutting hob

    I'm at the point in my construction of the Chuck's Single engine that I need to cut the gears. I'm planning on using 32 Dp gears and I want to make a gear cutting hob. Does anyone have any ideas or instructions that would be willing to share with me? Mel
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    Chip guard on X3 milling machine

    Now that I have my Shooting Star DRO mounted and running on my little Grizzly X3 mill, I can see that some sort of chip guard is needed on the back side of the table. The little Griz X2 mill I had was equipped with a rubber accordion type shield. It was hung high up on the column and reached to...
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    DRO Question

    I ask this same question on HSM and will ask it again here. I've pretty much made up my mind to purchase a DRO system for my Grizzly (G0463) X3 milling machine. I can't afford most of the ones on the market. I find it hard to put $1200 DRO on a $900 mill. I emailed Grizzly and ask which one of...
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    Got the Die Filer home

    Well as mentioned in another post, I was given a All American Die Filer. At first I turned it down, but on further thinking and discussion I went and got it today. It runs and is not all dinged up but the over-arm is missing I think it is something I can build. I searched google for a manual and...
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    another boring topic

    As I start tooling up for my latest machine (got a X3 mill) ;D I have a question about carbide boring bars. I can't afford to have two sets (C2 and C6) of boring bars. So can I get by with only one type, say C2. I think C2 is the toughest of the two. What say you all? ??? Thanks Mel
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    X-3 in, X-2 out

    Wow things have moved fast the last few days. I spotted a Grizzly X-3 mill on Craig's list on Friday, called the guy up and Saturday I went and bought it. Got it unloaded on Sunday with the help of my neighbor and his cherry picker motor hoist. Got it all set up and running Monday. listed my...
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    Tried to start the Odds and Ends Hit and Miss

    Well I made an attempt to fire up my Odds and Ends Hit and Miss this evening :'( I think I heard a little "pop" but no Putt Putt Putt Putt maybe after the stink of the white gas clears out of the shop I'll give it another try next week. Got company for the weekend. Must be a timing issue. Mel :(
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    tool tips and thier use

    Not wanting to hijack Cedge's post on wigglers, which is going to be well worth reading and following. I found this section in Little Machine Shops web site that explains a lot of the tools we use in this great little hobby of ours. It shows the use of the wiggler in the 8th from the bottom of...
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    CNC Mill and Lathes from Washington State Surplus

    For you that do it the CNC way :o I see that the Washington State Surplus Ebay site has three little CNC lathes and CNC milling machine listed. Mel
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    Running a model engine on LP gas

    Yesterday I attended the 08 Great Oregon Steam-up in Brooks, Oregon. What a great show! I had no idea it would be that big of a show. My question is about one of the model engines that was on display, it appears to be operating on LP gas. I did not get the chance to talk to the owner. Does...
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    progress report on the Odds and Ends Hit and Miss

    Between remodeling the bathroom and some other honey-do's I did make a little progress on my engine this week. I guess I'm about out of excuses for not making an attempt to fire it up. Maybe after a trip to the Oregon Steam UP this coming week end in Brooks OR I will give it a try. Fuel tank...
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    My round version of Cedge's Diamond cutter

    I started out to make a diamond tool cutter like the one Cedge posted earlier. But after getting started I remembered the nice little round cutter that John uses and I have lusted over, so I made a few little changes and made a round tool. :o I didn't have a piece of 1/4" round HSS steel so I...
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    Valve bodies and Carburetor for the Odds and Ends Hit and Miss

    I'm doing it like CrewCab in the previous post, the bling is going to have to wait. These photos are of the exhaust and intake and carburetor for my hit and miss engine 1. is the block for the exhaust valve body. 2. Drilling the port of the muffler 3. rough exhaust valve block 4 both...
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