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    Press fit dimensions?

    If you don't have a Zeus book in your pocket you are missing something!!! You will find everything you need on limits and fits all one one page plus all kinds of useful information for the machinist. As you will see from the image, I have had this one a little while paying a whopping one...
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    Torch for silver solder.

    Many thanks to all the amazing input, I now know that propane is hot enough to silver solder with and the torch output has to be proportional to the mass of the part to be soldered. I believe I have a Sievert torch lurking somewhere in my garage as I used one to shrink wrap my boat a few years...
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    Torch for silver solder.

    Planning ahead on my "Farm Boy" build, I plan on using silver solder to assemble the crankshaft, will I be able to do this with a regular propane torch or move up to something larger? Oxy acetylene would obviously best but I don't really want to go there. I will be procuring some fire bricks...
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    SolidWorks 2012 on Win 10

    My tried and tested HP Elitebook running SolidWorks 2012 on Windows 7 Pro is getting rather tired so its time to update to a Windows 10 machine. My question to all the computer pundits is will I have any problems running a 2012 SolidWorks version on a windows 10 machine. I have done some...
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    How do you keep going on a long project like Lady Stephanie Beam Engine

    Lady Stephanie problem with understanding the geometry of this model. The attached images of what I have done so far on my SolidWorks version of Lady Stephanie. If you look closely you can see the hole in end of the beam changes in relationship to the slot in the drop link. This would put...
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    Moving my lathe

    Faced with a similar situation, I ended up with a hoist at each end the beam, I then lifted with the hoist on one end, then gradually transferred the weight to the other, it didn't actually take that long. One difference I had though was more height to work with, your beam looks too low for...
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    In my 30 plus years as a Machine Maintenance Manager responsible for the maintenance & repair of millions of dollars worth of machine tools, I found that the "Go To" lubricant for most gear boxes was EP68 (Extreme Pressure 68 weight oil). This grade lubricant was recommended by so machine tool...
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    BA or Metric

    I have taps and dies in metric, BA & Unified, and decide when reviewing the model what thread type to use. One thing I consider when deciding thread form is the diameter of any rods that will require threads. 7 BA works with 3/32" dia and 2 BA which works with 3/16" diameter rod. 5-40 works...
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    PYRTE Traction engine nearing comletion, but back to te beginning

    The old style bycicle pumps used a screw adaptor to screw onto the valve stem and probably still do, but I haven't checked one lately. Colin
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Brian, what is the track width of your model and how much work do you think it would be to modify to suit a 4-3/4" track? What format are the drawings you are offering to sell, my SW is a 2006 version so if you are using a more recent version would be interested in IGS or step. Colin
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    Dividing head missing parts

    I have a Rockwell dividing head very similar to the one in the image. Unfortunately the parts that causes friction between the indicator arms and the dividing head are missing so although they are at the correct spacing they never hold position. using a little clamp works to a degree...
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Barry, love looking at your work, you are so productive with such great results!!! Not sure I will ever make a version of your Rocket, but would sure love to. I would like to ask you where you obtain your brass and bronze, I find that difficult unless I am looking for fairly large amounts...
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    Close up work glasses

    The cheapo place to buy stuff in Canada is Dollarama, a place where you can pick up cheater reading glasses up to 3.25. A pair of these takes acre of most of my needs in the shop and if I want to see finer detail I wear two pairs at the same time and on the odd occasion as many three pairs...
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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    A drill with any sort of point will tend to wander if it experiences variations in resistance (hard bits or voids in castings) the sharper the angle of the point, the more the tendency to wander. Flat bottom drills tend to wander less in such situation, I believe that early gun drills were in...
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    VFD Wiring

    Hmm.... good point, my thoughts were to install VFD to suit largest MTR but then I guess no real protection for smaller MTRs. I have individual VFDs on each of my machines but was discussing this with someone who has 5 (dropping down to 3) Bridgeport mills in a row and he only ever uses one at...
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    VFD Wiring

    This might be the place for this we question. I have often pondered putting one VFD on the wall and running all my machine from this one source, just need to have a plugin potentiometer at each machine. Rev counters are real cheap these days on eBay so every machone could have one. Thoughts...
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    Split bushings

    When manufacturing large split bushings ie 6-8" diameter, we found one of the bigger issues was holding the bushing tight enough in the four jaw without crushing it which results in a bearing that is mishapen. We found that by matching inverted V's that matched the V grooves in the inner...
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    Hello from Ontario

    Another Colin here from Burlington Ontario, also a member of Hamilton Model engineering Club. Started model engineering close to 40 years ago and after a 30 plus year break just back into it recently. Have a Stuart V10 complete, a PM Research horizontal mill engine also complete and a ME...
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    Leaded steel

    McMaster does still ship to Canada, purchased some items this week, however, we are an established customer and have been for about 4 years. It must be a real pain to live in Australia when what is easily available in Europe and North America becomes almost a specialty item. We have this issue...