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  1. SailplaneDriver

    Webster Flywheel Question

    I'm getting ready to start on a Webster and I hope to tap into the experience of others who have built one and have much more experience that I do. I don't have any 3.75" steel or cast iron laying around for the flywheel but I do have a beautiful bronze ring 4.75"OD, 3"ID, .866 thick. It's a...
  2. SailplaneDriver

    Thread Download

    I can't seem to find the thread download command anymore. Did it get lost in the software update or am I just blind?
  3. SailplaneDriver

    Faceplate Clamps

    Rookie question. I need to bore a 4-inch hole in some flat stock. I think it would be easiest mounted on a faceplate on the lathe. I haven't used a faceplate before and have no experience clamping to it. Is it safe to use the step block clamps we use for the mill on the faceplate if RPM is kept...
  4. SailplaneDriver

    Line Boring on a US-Type Lathe

    I'm looking for some input from all you people with way more experience than I have. I want to line bore my Li'l Demon block. I see all these posts where the block is supported through the tee slots on the cross slide. Unfortunately, most US-style lathes do not have t-slots on the cross slide...
  5. SailplaneDriver

    No. 1 Arbor Press

    I'm looking for a small arbor press for my home shop for light use, mostly press fits. I usually just use a vise but that doesn't work for everything. Has anyone bought one of these Chinesium arbor presses? The ones I am seeing on fleabay are black with either No. 0 or No. 1 in red cast in the...
  6. SailplaneDriver

    Pacific Northwest

    Are any of you guys located in the Pacific Northwest? I live near Seattle close to Redmond. I havn't found any clubs up here with the exception of Portland which is a bit far. There has to be tons of machinists in the area due to all the aerospace and tech. I'd like to be able to get together...
  7. SailplaneDriver

    Zip Wall for Shop Heat Containment?

    I have a small portion of our unheated three car garage set up as my shop. I live in the Seattle area and we get some cold spells. The garage stays above freezing but it is not plesant working in the 40s F. I have a radiant heater that swivels back and forth which works well enough when it's not...
  8. SailplaneDriver

    Porsche Inspired Flat 6

    I've been unable to find plans for a Volkswagen or Porsche boxer engine so I am going to attempt to design my own. This is likely going to be a long journey if I can even get it done. I have access to some torn down engines through a local repair shop. I did some preliminary measurements and...