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    Professional Rotary Broach

    Excellent work.
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    No longer a UFO - Gearless Hit and Miss

    Brilliant work, well done.
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    Plans for Brass Stirling '60'

    My set is dated 17.01.2012, but no version number. I'm not sure what the date was on my first set of plans that didn't have all the parts. My set has 9 pages, including pictures and details of part. Page 7 showing the long and short connecting rods was missing in my original set. From memory I...
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    Plans for Brass Stirling '60'

    Just found the updated set of plans that include the missing parts. Looking forward to building this as my first hot air engine. Might be asking your advice in due course.
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    Plans for Brass Stirling '60'

    Just started building the Sterling 60 engine from the free plans. My copy of the plans does not include the dimensions for the linkages from the crank pin to the displacer and also from the crank pin to the top beam. Am I being think or should the drawning include these parts. Help please.