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  1. Mechanicboy

    Jan David-Andersen has passed away..

    1 / 23-2021 Jan David-Andersen from Oslo in Norway passed away after 99 years. Jan David-Andersen had great pleasure in making engines, something he started with before the war. The engines were sold all over Japan, Australia, USA. Yes, even in Sweden. In his workshop there are about 10 engines...
  2. Mechanicboy

    Length between 2 centers excenter rod and expansion link

    Hi folks.. I am not sure there is right length between the excenter rod and expansion link to the Stuart compound twin steam engine. The measure is 2 1/4" in the drawning of expansion link if use reversibel Stuart compound twin steam engine. Also the excenter rod has 2" length between centers...
  3. Mechanicboy

    Stuart boiler HB4 with noisy ceramic burner.

    Hi folks! When i lit the ceramic burner it burn a nice red glowing ceramic and burn silent. When the burner are in the furnace, there is problem where noise came from burner after some minutes silent burning. There is hot exhaust from chimney with silent burning, after some minutes suddenly it...
  4. Mechanicboy

    Automatic boiler water level control system with phototransistor.

    Hi folks who want to make own automatic boiler water level control system with phototransistor. :) The control unit is registering the level of water using phototransistor + red led mounted on the water level glass tube. The servo is used to open / close the bypass valve between the boiler...
  5. Mechanicboy

    Stuart with mechanical lubricator and feeding pump.

    Stuart D10 has mechanical lubricator to lubricate the cylinders and slide valves with Mobil 600 W Cylinder Oil. The mechanical lubricator is connected to the connecting rod for feeding pump.The reduction gear ratio is 3:1. Also no problem to lubricate the cylinders with reduction gear since it's...
  6. Mechanicboy

    Diaphragm material for gas attenuator..

    Hi folks! I created the gas stop valve and gas attenuator. But the problem is teflon/PTFE sheet is noe easy to buy in Norway. Can i use the thin silicone sheet as diaphragm cut from the silicone form for baking who is sold by kitchen shop? The silicone seem soft and strong material and can...
  7. Mechanicboy

    Other gasket instead asbest gasket.

    Hi folks and happy new year!:D I downloaded the plan of Moriya stirling fan as here: But the problem is 3/16 asbest gasket between hot cylinder and base plate. It is impossible to buy asbest gasket today. Wich material is...
  8. Mechanicboy

    Straightening out bended crankshaft

    Hi folks! Have you experienced when making the crankshaft and the crankshaft got bend after machining work is done? Give up and throw away the crankshaft and make a new one every time? Material costs time and money! I maked the crankshaft to the Stuart triple steam engine by the steel...