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  1. MachineTom

    FS: Solid Carbide Boring Bar Micro100

    Selling Micro100 BB360 and BB290. These a great cutters. The 360 means the minimum bore size is .360" inches, and the 290 is .290 minimum . The 360's are available in .750 & 1.6" depth of bore, and the 290's are .750 or 1.250. These sell on Amazon and other sellers for $48, These are new...
  2. MachineTom

    Measure twice

    So I have a piece of 1.5 inch x 3 x 14 and need a piece 3 inches long. Measure, mark, measure again. Set the saw and walk away. I hear the piece drop, walk over and pick it up. It looks short, only 2inchs long. WTH, measure the long piece, it's 11", certain that it was 14, but must have been...
  3. MachineTom

    Wheel chair motors/Whole chair

    I have a 10 year old Quickie power chair. Motors about 3/4hp 24v. New batteries are needed. If you want the whole chair it is Free. If you want parts, I'd like a few bucks for the effort. Chair without batteries weight is 125 about. Located on Bayville, NJ 08721
  4. MachineTom

    Digital Dividing Head and Slide

    I've put a video on Youtube showing my conversion of a standard dividing head to digital operation. I removed the dividing handle and quadarant, as well as the divisions disk. I added a stepper motor and 3:1 reduction, with the normal worm drive of 40:1 that 120:1. This is a Micro Stepper drive...
  5. MachineTom

    Jaws Milling Vise

    Recently I made a Vee grooved jaw for my Milling vise. Then a couple friends wanted jaws, so I am offering to make some more for the folks here. These jaws are made of D2 steel, Hardened to 60HRC, and ground all surfaces. The Vee jaw is 2" high rather than the 1.75 of stock height, This position...
  6. MachineTom

    Conversion Of Grinder CNC

    An uncommon machine in a Home shop is a Surface Grinder. But in this case this is my 3rd SG. Built as an Automatic in the 80's it had a hydraulic X axis and a stepper type Y axis. In the 90's it was reworked to have a digital Y with a linear slide and Z axis, and a manual x axis. I purchased...
  7. MachineTom

    Grinder FS

    Selling my Harig 612 surface grinder. Magnetic chuck included. 220V 3phase. I can load PU or van. base and machine separate, about 850 for machine and 300 lbs for the base. Can be used as a tool grinder, with fixtures and the like. I do end mills, and lathe cutters. Can be used with cutoff...
  8. MachineTom

    FS: Surface Grinder, Cheap

    This is a 5 x 10 " TML Surface Grinder, 1/2 hp 7" wheels. It is three phase, an perm Mag B&S chuck. Must be sold by tuesday 10/13 (new Grinder on Wed) Good condition. Grinder sits on a removal base, Base #200-250, unit 600-700. Easy to lift with engine hoist. I can load it here. Comes ready to...
  9. MachineTom

    Heat Treatment

    What began as a way to HT a couple of parts, has grown into a small HT oven and stuff to go along with it. Seems the HT companies all have a minimum charge $120 or so to HT up to 80-100 lbs. If you would like a couple pieces HT give me a note, and we can work it out. Limited by size 6"...
  10. MachineTom

    Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever will be in York PA April 10-12 2015. Is the HMEM going as in the past? I will be rolling around, Say Hi if you see an old guy Gray hair, Blue Wheelchair its likely Me.LOL
  11. MachineTom

    Spindle adapters

    I am currently making 5C collet adapters to fit the nose taper of Rockwell/Delta 11 and 14" lathes. If interested send me a PM and I will add you to the list. They will be made of 4140 and Hardened to about 45-50 HRC. You will need to make a drawtube, bearing and hand wheel. I may make more MT-2...
  12. MachineTom

    It Can Be Done

    There has not been much activity here of late, so why not post something Fun, and only a bit out of topic. I note that quite a few of the posters on this site have not been long term or permanently disabled, its a recent occurrence due to aging, or illness.and their just beginning to learn...
  13. MachineTom

    Lathe Face plate

    I came across a 5" with a 1 3/8 x 10 spindle mount. It is more a drive plate than a face plate as it has 1 notch and 3 slots in it. Most fojks use the "face plate" as a name, but you get the idea. Cast Iron plate 5 "D. can be used to drive a dog for turning between centers, or bolt work directly...
  14. MachineTom

    Rivett collets

    I have a set of Rivett collets type 4NS. It has from 1/64 to 1/2 by 64ths, missing the 29/64 size. Comes with a drawbar and tapered spindle bushing. Bushings is 1.630 Big end 1.439 small end, 3.443 in length, taper is .666 ft or .05547 inch. $275 will list on ebay for more $ on the 21 july.
  15. MachineTom

    Blueprint Cabinet FREE

    A 42 x 54 x 20"H cabinet 5 drawers, must pickup, but the price is right $0.00 Take a drive to the Jersey Shore, see the dunes, places where houses used to be, have lunch, then take home this nice FREE cabinet, fits in the rear of a Mini van.
  16. MachineTom

    Retirement Workshop

    This shop was built 4 years ago, and has somehow gotten smaller each year. The agreement with the wife was no construction could begin until after our daughters wedding. This was saturday: And a great day it was, but on monday it looked like this. and this This is the...
  17. MachineTom

    Bore Mic's

    A few months ago I posted for sale a Fowler Bowers Bore Mic. In the for sale forum, it got about 280 views and no offers, I then sold it on ebay. It was a $100 tool. So a question to members, is a bore gage that reads from .5 to .625 in quarter thousands not useful enough to interest you, of...
  18. MachineTom

    Blueprint file Cabinet -Sold

    I bought this before I measured the space available for it. It is too big for me. A 5 Drawer 54 x 42 x 20 large format file cabinet. has a 4" base riser, so its 24" total height. each drawer is a bit over 2" high, weight about 275lbs. Perfect for Mic's drills, posters, parts, even blueprints lay...
  19. MachineTom

    *Sold*Bore Mic Fowler Bowers

    I will offer this gauge here first before it goes to ebay. This is a Fowler Bowers Bore micrometer. range is 1/2 - 5/8 in tic's of .00025. It is a dup of one I already have. These are just the best for measuring bore as it is a real micometer, with a rachet knob of top, if you measure a hole 5...
  20. MachineTom

    FS-Grinding wheels

    I've got some extra grinding wheels for Tool post and surface grinders.All new and unused. 10" x 3/4 x 3 Norton 46A JVBE $18 have 3 10 x 1/2 x 3 Norton 38A 80 M8VBE $18 have 1 3 x 3/8 x 3/8 Bay State non ferrous 3A 30 N6 BA2 $5 have 6 3 x 3/8 x 3/8 Bay State fiber matrix A 80 I16...