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    Ignition system for Farm Boy

    Attached is a photo of a circuit board I milled on my cnc machine It is 70mm by 50mm so large enough for fat fingers are able to do the wiring with ease. It takes "normal" electronics and soldering up is no problem. The other attachment is the circuit. I did this some 10 years ago but I don't...
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    ⅝ diameter knurls

    The knurls may be sold in Australia but sourced from China. Check where they are manufactured before you pay your money. Mago
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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    I use Delta Cad with DFX format and Layers. Sheetcam to generate G code. Sheetcam file into Mach3. Worked for me for 10 years. Low cost and no cloud. Worth a try. Mago
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    Drafting linen

    My recollection of Linen is as a metal work apprentice in the Midland Junction workshops for the railways,1950. The linen was rolled out on to the board and securely held down. I would have thought glossy side up but memory fades. The sheet was "sized" with a "pomme" filled with very fine chalk...
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    Another PeeWee

    In the assembled engine take out all the plugs . Turn the engine till one piston is half way up the cylinder. Part fill the cylinder with engine oil and turn the engine till the piston refuses to move. If the piston goes to TDC then you have leaks. Escaping oil will give you a clue as to the...
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    270 Offy

    Another Offy 270 I was fortunate in having Ron Colonna's "building the 1/4 scale 270 Offy" manual, as without it construction would have been even more difficult. Whilst not having to exactly follow his methods it is a valuable starting point. I used both metric screws etc and BA for the very...
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    Twingle engine

    Twingle or Split single. At the end of WW2 Triumph Motor cycles produced a 500cc split single called a "Speed Twin". It was produced in several guises and with factory add ons was used for road racing. In the right hands it was very competitive with factory single cylinder racers until the...
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    Big Earls Farmboy #758

    I cheated. I made the conrod complete with cap and bored big end. Then had a friend with a wire cutter remove the cap, finished. The wire cut is only a few thous, just enough to nip up the big end bearing. Mago
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    Big Earls Farmboy #758

    It seems this is the month for Farm Boy manufacture and this is another one. It follows the Jerry Howell design with a few mods. Couldn't face the machining of the flywheels from CI so made some patterns and had them cast in bronze. All went well but machining them in a small lathe is a...
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    Can I trigger an RCEXL CDI ignition with a "typical" Hall switch?

    Hi colsea, I bought HE sensors from RS Components, probably Sydney on the net. Cost about $4.00 plus delivery. Their stock number is 1811463. They work with CDI and TM6 electronics. They are the bare HE unit so you have to solder on the lead wires and insulate, all with care. Done properly they...
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    Farm Boy Build-Wont Run!

    I finished the Farm Boy a little while ago and had some starting problems. Various contributors have made very valid suggestions so I don't want to repeat it all again. However I don't think anyone has suggested that you make the governor inoperative. If you are trying to start the engine with a...