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  1. doc1955

    The great O ring discussion

    When making 2 or 3 rings I use the method from the book "The Shop Wisdom Of Philip Duclos" This method has not failed me. When I make a larger quantity then I make a fixture for heat treating. Once you have made rings a few times you will say "that was easy" LOL
  2. doc1955


    Or a 4 jaw chuck or face plate and a lathe. ;)
  3. doc1955

    Precision Gauge Blocks

    I have a set and use them quite often. They are nice to have when you need them I have some dial bore gauges and use them to set them up.
  4. doc1955

    Press fit dimensions?

    Proper press fit size depends on the dia size the bigger the dia the more interference you want as far as which causes the interference I would pick the softer metal, now thats just my preference.
  5. doc1955

    Stirling helicopter

    No blade are not necessary can be run with out. I have mine set up with the small hole in flywheel towards the tail with the power piston at top of stroke and the vibrations are minimal funny how I have both the same as it happened just by chance. lol
  6. doc1955

    Stirling helicopter

    Excellent question I know mine tremble a bit when running but I never spent any time changing the position to see if it would help. Maybe I should spend some time and see. So in short I don't have an answer for you. I may have just gotten lucky and have the positioned close to oppisit the...
  7. doc1955

    Stirling helicopter

    Looking good, I just finished 2. Hope your bevel gears are better that the ones I purchased. They were (looked like to me) 3d printed and not well at all. They were not concentric with the hole and lopsided.
  8. doc1955

    V-twin ignition systems

    Roy is a really good person to deal with and as mater fact I did the same thing run too much voltage. I started making my ignition systems just to see if I could. I also wound some miniature coils just to see if I could. I thought Roy had closed up shop though. I liked his units before he...
  9. doc1955

    V-twin ignition systems

    I use one that I put together from scratch on my Mini Hog. I etched boards and assembled it for around $5 cost.
  10. doc1955

  11. doc1955

    Stirling engine helicopter

    Well here is a video of one of the two I'm working on.
  12. doc1955

    The RV6. ... again!

    LOL do you have a round ice cream lid? Here is a video on how to cut any number of teeth. Of coarse an a axis on an NC machine would be much easier. LOL
  13. doc1955

    Small Ignition Coil Drive Question

    If you have some diodes you could build a full bridge rectifier just need 4 diodes then you could change it t a dc current.
  14. doc1955

    TIM 6 ignition

    Sounds like the TIP42 chip is going bad. Check you resistance of the coils you are using. I put ballast and bring the resistance up to around 2ohm and havent had any trouble. Plus I do put a heat sink on the TIP42 When they start going bad the will work but a weak spark and will stop. Feel the...
  15. doc1955

    V8 Demon from Downunder

    Nice Sounds great and looks awesome. Thats about how long I took 5yrs but I was still wrking a job and only touched it on weekends and when the snow was flying. You did a great job. The valve covers look like you did a lot of polishing lol. Doesn't it feel good now when you fire her up. I had...
  16. doc1955

    Another new guy planning first engine

    Welcome aboard I'm from ND west of you.
  17. doc1955

    Ignition system for Farm Boy

    I use 12v coil packs and step up the resistance. You need to run the resistance over 1.2ohm or you run the risk of frying the 555 timer or the TIP 120 chip. I run mine with 6V and I use the spark saver (2 hall sensors) but it will work fine without the spark saver the spark saver just saves on...
  18. doc1955

    Ignition system for Farm Boy

    I purchased this one to just check it out and see how well it would work. Well the first one did not work at all but after a few e-mail back and forth they sent another that seems to work well. I never did put it on any of my engines I still prefer the ones I build. But anyway you could try one...
  19. doc1955

    Ignition system for Farm Boy

    Yes I build my own ignition units a good place tostart if you want to do your own is to usr one of Jerry Howells or if you can still get one of Roy's cdi either will work great for what you want. Here is a video showing the ones I build.
  20. doc1955

    Just completed my first engine a Webster

    She sure purrrs along nice.