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  1. skyline1

    Difficulty with P.M.

    HI Mods I am having difficulty with P.M. Am I doing something wrong
  2. skyline1

    Any fishermen ?

    Hi guys A Curious project is coming along quite well A Line winder for a sea fishing friend last part is to bolt all the bits to the wood base If anyone is interested I can post the STLs for the printed bits P.S how do I insert some pics in the post
  3. skyline1

    Fizzers, SS50s,APs,and the dreaded Kriedler

    Hi guys A couple of days ago I happened to meet up with some chaps from the British Auto Cycle Union who were on a little rally locally. They were actually outside my local supermarket with all manner of small "motor assisted cycles" from old (1908) to remarkably new Japanese machines...
  4. skyline1

    Hello all again

    Hello again to everybody I am returning to the forum after a long absence due to ill health and two close family bereavements. I have missed the friends I made here and hope to catch up with you all again Best Regards Mark
  5. skyline1

    Coleman Fuel ?

    Not quite sure where to post this one so I've posted it here. What is Coleman Fuel I've heard it mentioned many times as a fuel for I.C. engines but what is it ? Perhaps as a Brit I might know it by another name Please excuse my ignorance but I'm mainly a steam man. Regards Mark
  6. skyline1

    anyone ever made a Parsons turbine

    Does anyone know if a miniature Parsons type (axial flow) steam turbine has ever been made ? I have had much success in small scale with DeLaval impulse ones but I am not sure about a full blown multistage reaction one. I am thinking about maybe three or four stages H.P end being about 1" dia...
  7. skyline1

    Help ! best Glue

    Help fellas (and ladies) My favorite computer chair has just collapsed (well the back kinda fell off) it's a copy of an old lyre back probably from 1930 ish nothing wrong with the wood all the joints are fine , (probably pine might be hardwood , doubt it) the joints just suddenly gave way...
  8. skyline1

    Hi again all

    Hello again all from Glos U.K Been some difficult personal things happening just lately which is why I haven't been on the forum, The spot welder is working great, I "stitch" welded some 0.5mm stainless with it. I then bent and pulled and wrenched the sample in the vice well beyond what it...
  9. skyline1

    Help turbinitus

    help I've got a Turbinitus relapse should I spin 'er up in my old scullery (it's indoors but plenty of air) boiler is safe 2x S.W.P. six months ago on hydro but the bearings might be a bit tight she hasn't been run for ages. will post some vid if i get an O.K. Runs on propane BTW...
  10. skyline1

    A Mini spot welder from scrap

    I have recently seen on the net several designs for spot welders made from old Microwave Oven Transformers these ranged from dangerous looking contraptions to some really quite professional units. So I decided to have a go at one and hoped that I could produce something in the latter category...
  11. skyline1

    Soba carbide tooling

    Hi All Does anyone have any experience of Soba carbide lathe tooling sold by Chronos in the U.K. They are a budget brand and I am considering buying some as I expect to be machining some pretty tough materials shortly. My next project is going to be a Minijet (Wren MW54 hopefully) which will...
  12. skyline1

    Hi from England

    Hi All My name is Mark and I'm from Gloucestershire England and New to the Forum I thought I would introduce myself with a couple of pictures of one of ny models This is a freelance Model of a steam turbine generating set It has a watertube boiler running at 50 P.S.I and fuelled by...