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  1. Kpar

    Modified Henry Ford Engine

    Well I finally got my engine to run a lot better. My first attempt was not a great success and I had a few failures. 1. I could never get the drip feed to work properly 2. made several exhaust valves & ended up with a cage setup in the plumbing tap. 3. After making a simple mixer & air choke...
  2. Kpar

    Insert Holder

    Hi all, it's been a while. I have been searching on the net for 8mm Left & Right insert tool holders. All I could find are offshore. Anyone know where to get them in Australia ?. Kpar
  3. Kpar

    AL320G Half Nut

    Hi all, been absent for a while & now back. I've had the AL320g for a while now and just moving into threading, (with or without) the halfnut. My question when I swing the thread dial out of the way there are two gib adjusting screws. Is this to adjust the half nut mesh , if so what would the...
  4. Kpar

    Safety Turning

    I need some help, Whenever I'm machining High Tensile or S/Steel I get long strings of metal from the cutting tool. A couple of times they have wrapped around my leg if I don't keep pulling them off with long pliers. Stainless is a real worry as it doesn't break away very easy. I've tried...
  5. Kpar

    Plumbing Engine

    Finally got my Henry Ford engine running. But just seen a youtube video of Chuck Fellows smaller version. Are plans available or is this one of his own design ?. I would love to build one. Kpar
  6. Kpar

    Help on Plumbing Engine.

    Well after much trial & error in getting my engine to rum more than about 40 seconds I'm about to give up. I always had a issue with fuel leaking back out the bore so I machined another piston & fitted a O'Ring it now has good compression even without the o ring. I still have issues with the...
  7. Kpar

    Viton O-Rings

    Well there has been several threads on using viton O-rings for piston rings and I'm about to have a go. The big question is "where do I get FPM Viton 1 1/8" ID x 1 1/4" OD x 1/16" CS in Australia ?.) have tried locally only able to get 1/8" CS. I'm just a learner here so apologies if a simple...
  8. Kpar

    My first project

    Well I'm just learning ( for a mid 70 old) to use my Lathe & Bench Mill and decided on a project I thought was going to be simple.(nothing is). Anyway I'm a Vintage Ford fan with a couple of cars and after seeing a replica of Henry Fords First Engine I thought I would give it a go. A simple...
  9. Kpar

    Minitech Engineering

    Hi Aussies, Does anybody have any problems contacting Minitech. I've phoned and e-mailed several times, no response. I got half my order with no advice on what is happening with the rest. I seem to get better service (although more expensive) from US. Kpar
  10. Kpar

    Imperial R8 Collet sets

    When I purchased my mill last year it came with all metric end mills & collets. I now need to get some imperial R8 Collets. No problem getting imperial end mills locally but not the R8 Collets. Can somebody suggest an Australian supplier. Kpar
  11. Kpar

    Spur Gears Australia

    Hi all, Is there a supplier in Aussie where I could get. #NSS2430 Spur Gear #NSS2460A Spur Gear Or should I source these from USA ? thanks Kpar
  12. Kpar

    Bench Lathe ID ?

    Hi all, Just having a clean up of old manuals I've had since my younger days and came across an instruction manual for a mini lathe. I think my Dad may have owned it. The manual is 12 pages long and very detailed on in packing and general use including "Assembly Diagram & Parts List" There...
  13. Kpar

    Hafco Cheap DRO's

    Hi all, Still researching 3 axis dro kits. What I wanted from woodkid (Igaging) is currently out of stock. Have been looking at the Cheap ones from Hare & Forbes. Hafco brand with separate 3 Axis digital readouts. Has anybody installed these on a Mill or Lathe and how do they perform. At the...
  14. Kpar

    Chuck run out

    Hi all, I have a Sieg SX2.3 Mill and just learning how to. I put the supplied 1-16mm-JT6 Drill chuck in and was surprised at the run out with a 4" test bar (home made in a lathe). What would be an acceptable error ?. The mill is new and I contacted the supplier for some help. They came back...
  15. Kpar

    Sieg Sx 2.3 Mill

    Well i finally got round to unpacking the mill and the next thing was where to put it ?. Decided to maybe pension the Drill Stand off & fit it in there although will be a tight squeeze. If the photos upload ok you'll see what I mean. Also please excuse the workshop layout I'm a bit messy and if...
  16. Kpar

    Ignition System

    A while back I found a guy, USA I think who makes ignition boxes using drill battery and a recharging plugin. Anybody know of him. I was searching Henry's Kitchen Sink Motor when I came across it. I've searched for ages and can't seem to find the site again.:mad: Kpar
  17. Kpar

    4130 Tubing

    Hi all, Where do I purchase in small quantities 4130 tubing in Australia. Most I contacted only sold in full lengths. Kpar
  18. Kpar

    Vertical Mill Slide

    Hi all, my last post got me sorted out so now another. I realise most of you all have separate Mills and maintain that using the lathe as a mill is not ideal, but back in my younger days all my Dad had was a lathe and he used to do a fair bit of milling with it. Anyway I'm going to try. First...
  19. Kpar

    AL-320 G Help

    I've had this Lathe for some time and have enjoyed making a few trinkets to get some machining practice. I've always had some difficulty in parting off and I'm now up to my 3rd tip holding blade and is getting a bit frustrating. Done a lot of reading up and have followed these tips from others...
  20. Kpar

    New Member

    Hi all, A little about me, Ex Mechanic, Ex Panel Beater/Sprayer Ex Welder and master of none. Health has interrupted my past hobby of restoring vintage car s & bikes. I purchased a AL-320 G a couple of years ago and now trying to teach myself how to use it, and now I probably have enough...