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    Here is a mechanical bird that fly's

    Go to this site and see a mechanical bird that fly's. I hope I don't upset any one by posten it here Hilmar
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    Help on a rotary table.

    Help on a rotary table. Hi Guys, I need some Help an a rotary table. The table is 8" in Diameter with 360 ° markings. Perfect! But the hand dial on the worm has markings of 225 division per turn. Lousy, what gives? The ratio is 96:1 or 1:96, what ever. 4 turns =15 ° How do You use this...
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    What is wrong with 3-48 ?

    I noticed lately that in most flyers the Taps for threading jump from 2-56 to 4-40. Seldom I see the 3-48's unless you go to the main catalogs. Does that mean the 3-48 is on the way out?? Also where will one get the Model type hardware, like Nuts and Bolts in above sizes. Coles seems like a bade...
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    How to strighten a crankshaft?

    Hi guys How do you straighten a crankshaft for a twin launch Small steam engine like a Stuart D 10. If you got one side and the center OK then the other side is out. It is like a dog is chasing it's own tail. Help Hilmar
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    How do I clean a Clock?

    I have a old clock ( 100 year old ),which is sticking and full of gum. How do I clean the thing with out a ultrasonic cleaner. I tried ignition spray, it gummed it up more. then i poured paint thinner over the works. We will see in the morning! Any suggestions! I need help on that one. Wilmar
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    Problem with Login.

    To the Experts!! Ha Ha. Problem on Login! The Site works fine with out "Login". When I Login, the site disappears and I have a white screen . Then I have to go back to my Bookmark, click on this site and the site comes up in in the Home window with me being loged in. I am using...
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    Grinding of spotting drill

    The Spotting Drill Profile? Is it the same profile as a regular drill bit or is it ground differently? I am trying to make one from a broken off regular drill. Hilmar
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    Engine of the Month

    The Engine of the Month in the upper right corner of this site. What kind of Engine was there in November? Hilmar
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    Oil in Rotating Table

    What kind of oil goes in to a rotating table? I have one, was dry, cleaned out the dried up gunk but have to replace the oil now. But I don't know with what? Hilmar
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    Spotting Drill

    To all. What makes a Spotting Drill a Spotting Drill? How different is it from a regular Drill. Can you make your own? Why not to use a center Drill. Are there any tricks to this thing? OK Mcgyver this is all Your fault,ha ha ha . Hilmar
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    Does some one know what is going on with the <<>> I can't get in to the thing for the last 3 Days. Hilmar
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    Cast Iron

    To the Experts! Can you braze ( silver solder )or what ever Cast Iron? A Stuart Casting. Plug Holes. Hilmar
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    EN1A ,What is it in the USA

    What is EN1A in the USA called? And what may be the best material to build up a crank shaft? Like the webs of 1/4" thick flat,the shaft 3/8 the whole thing will be silver soldered. Hilmar
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    How to post a atachment

    How to post an attachment ,drawing or print to an E-Mail with out going to Photo Bucket ? Copy and past will not work. Why can't I see the bottom flags like "change" "change all" e.t.c. on the spell checker with out scrolling down ? Hilmar
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    Spell Checker

    Hi Mike I just used our spell checker and it seems that the last line the one with the " what to do buttons" could be higher, it is cut off on my bowser. Don" know if it is me or for all the folks. It could be one key stroke higher. In whole it is a very nice Sit. All I have to do get my...
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    Slitting Saw.

    . Notice the Slitting Saw I am using. . The Carbide blade is for a portable Trim Saw. I bought the blade from Home Depot for about nine $$ and change. Cuts true metal like butter. The slot is 0.050” and clean. Hilmar
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    four Jaw chuck

    Gentleman, I have a problem and I need some advice, For the last 10 years I have an 8” four jaw independent chuck in my shed. The shed is in NY state. I believe the thread is 1 5/8. I just want to get rid of it. Where should I throw it? Hilmar
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    A Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine

    A Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine is borne. I did buy the castings in the 1970s. We moved once in between and I lost all the Bronze castings. Still have most, not all of the cast iron castings. I think it is time to start after 37 Years. And this is the Start. If some one tells...
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    What is it?

    Let's see what this will make? Every one needs one. I am trying to post my first pictures on this site. Hilmar