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  1. doc1955

  2. doc1955

    Machine spindle light ring.

  3. doc1955

    Mill quick change tool holder.

    I purchased a Bridgeport quick change for my N/C miill. Been wanting a quick change for it for some time now (like since I got the mill lol). Am very happy with the run out of the holders. Will be a nice addition to my N/C Now I need to make a tool setting station for it. Here is a video of the...
  4. doc1955

    My version on a Weeden engine

    Finished the engine part of the build. Plan on rebuild on the boiler next. Not sure if I'll video that or not but here is a link showing the engine. It runs on best I can calculate 2psi.
  5. doc1955

    Coming up on 2 years still enjoying it!

    It is coming up on 2 years of retirement. They did an artical in the local paper right after I retired. Still not missing the old work scene!
  6. doc1955

    My Kerzel build

    I have a build in progress I know my vid's are not accepted real well here but here is a link to a play list
  7. doc1955

    Tiny ignition system

    Was playing with my Tiny engines I built some time back. I had an ignition box I used from engine to engine. Well I decided to put dedicated ignition systems on them and I thought whill I have them apart I would show my set up for the hall sensor. I didn't want a spark on every revolution so I...
  8. doc1955

    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    I been wanting to try nickel and copper plating. So I decided to practice on the old zoomy pipes I made for the Little Demon engine (I since made headers). The big thing I see with the plating is you need to clean the pieces really good and warm your solution up (warming helps speed it up)...
  9. doc1955

    Coming up on the 9 year mark.

    Well it is about 9 years ago that I was working on some Ringbom engines when my compressor threw a rod. I milled one out of a piece of stock I had and it is still going strong (knock on wood). The compressor has been a good working unit since and it has gotten lots of usage. I would have never...
  10. doc1955

    Did you say snow ! LOL

  11. doc1955

    Sharpening end mills on new set up

    Sharpening end mills using my home built air bearing and on my new set up.
  12. doc1955

    Air cleaner for V-8

    Ok been messing around with making an air cleaner pan and the snout still want to put a piece for attaching the heat riser hose that will go down to the headers. Not sure if I should leave the flange on it or cut it off what do you think. The other engine I made an after market style air pan...
  13. doc1955

    New pipes on one of my Little Demon V-8's

    I do like the new sound.
  14. doc1955

    Huff & Puff x 2

    I just finished these 2 Huff & Puff engines and I can actually blow and get them to run. Was a fun little build.
  15. doc1955

    Huff & Puff

    Well I picked my next engine build.
  16. doc1955

    Mini Hog

  17. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Don't know if anyone followed along on my build here but it is some what competed. And posted on my youtube channel.
  18. doc1955

    Coil winder

    Well started winding my first coil I wound the primary which went pretty good and started on secondary (12,500 wraps). I've got a plan for the vacuum chamber in mind and going to start as soon as I get the first one wound up. The wider that I built is working well.
  19. doc1955

    Friends 6 cycle engine

    A friend of mine has 2 6 cycle odd ball engines he made in school but never got them running. I volunteered to see if I could get them running for him. This is the first one .
  20. doc1955

    Rebuilding a small starter motor

    Here is a video of one of the things I do in the shop other than building model engines. Some times it keeps me pretty busy.