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    Know where your fingers are---

    Years ago I had a neighbour who lost a finger in exactly the way Cogsy described. He was over 60 and helping his daughter and son-in-law finish their house. He was used to using a hand planer and would curl his fingers around the plane to rest on the sole to act as a guide. Not a good idea when...
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    Digital Pressure Gauge

    Hi Graham, One thing you might like to play around with is to measure the temperature of the steam before it is throttled. Water at 150psi boils at 181.5C while water at 145 psi boils at 180C. If you used teflon coated k type thermocouple cable you could put it through a...
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    Modify an O-ring ???

    Hi Pat, Can you put the O ring in one of the straight slot sections while it is sitting horizontally and then let the flat half sit on the top of the O ring. It may then be possible, using a piece of wire, to push it into the slot starting from the bit already in place. You may need...
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    metric lathe thread dial request

    Hi Chuck, I agree leaving the half nuts engaged is the easiest way to cut threads. I resurrected an old Boxford lathe and installed a VFD driven motor. It has been set up to accelerate and decelerate fairly slowly. This makes it very awkward when running a thread up to a...
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    Sun-Planet Engine

    Hi, Sorry about my earlier post about seeing this arrangement at a vintage machinery show - I didn't fully understand the concept put forward by Ved. What I saw was a gear going around the inside of an elliptical gear. Regards, Alan
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    Sun-Planet Engine

    Hi, I've seen that arrangement on a pump at a local vintage machinery show. The pump looked to be from the early 1900s so the concept survived commercially for at least that long. It was certainly fascinating to watch it work and I thought about trying to copy it into a model only I...
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    First How to? video Homemade rotating marble stirling engine

    Hi, Clever idea for the displacer piston. I've never seen it done like that before. Regards, Alan
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    Shimming with foil

    Hi, Ideally it would be better to start with some 8mm round stock and thread the ends while leaving the middle intact to fit the bearing. If this isn't possible, you could try loctiting a nut on the bolt and turning it down to 8mm. There obviously won't be much of the nut left. If strength...
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    10 x 22 lathe cross slide dovetails not parallel(?)

    Hi Mac, I guess you have one of two problems. The first is the possibility the dovetails are worn or not parallel. To check this get two short (say 15mm) lengths of round stock of a diameter such that they protrude slightly beyond the dovetails when placed in the dovetail angles...
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    Good Video About Old Marine Engine

    Hi, I came across this video on youtube: If you're interested in old engines this video is well worth a look. If you don't know a lot about them you can learn a lot as the bloke tries to figure out how it works. Regards, Alan
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    Camping steam engine

    Hi, What about taking the spare battery for your drill along. I imagine it would contain enough energy to recharge a few phones. Mind you, I suppose you'd need some electronics to bring the voltage down from 18V to whatever the phones use. Alan C.
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    Making shim washers

    Hi, What was the concentration of the ferric chloride solution? Thanks, Alan
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    Soldering or brazing aluminium help

    What about trying a swagelock connector. I believe they are gas tight. Regards, Alan
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    Making shim washers

    Thanks for the tips. I made a crude punch from mild steel and used a piece of aluminium as the anvil. It worked well enough for my purposes, but using Joe Pie's method would have given a superior result. The backlash in the screw is where the shoulder is held, not where the screw engages with...
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    Making shim washers

    Hi, I've made a new 2mm pitch topslide and nut to replace the old imperial set on my boxford lathe. There is a bit of backlash in the operation which I would like to take out with some 3/8"ID x 5/8"OD shim washers. I've made one 0.5mm thick but I need to take out a bit more play using...
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    Bought a new machine yesterday---

    Hi Brian, Can you move the table up and down to use all the useful length of the exposed spindle when working with thin material, or will you need to make a series of false tables? Regards, Alan
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    Silicone piston rings

    Thanks Dazz, The engine I'm looking at is double acting and I'm a bit limited by the depth of the block. I don't think I could fit a double grooved piston in the space available. Regards, Alan
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    Silicone piston rings

    Thanks John. The only reason I was looking at silicone is that Keith Appleton seemed to suggest they were OK in his video. Viton is going to be easier to source. Thanks for your comment Kitson. I think I'll go with viton O rings to start with, and if I strike problems, it won't be a big deal to...
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    Silicone piston rings

    Thanks fcheslop. Very useful information.
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    Silicone piston rings

    Thanks Jason.
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