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    Adhesives for Round Rubber Belting

    Neoprene Cement is the stuff used to butt-weld neoprene in wet-suits. Stretching and salt water immersion a matter of day to day routine.
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    Pacific Vapor Engine from Morrison & Marvin Castings

    Dave, I'm sure that you remember that Dickens wrote his books as a series of weekly instalments that his avid readers would be waiting for. Your own writing is very clear and cogent, despite your use of techniques I have never seen before. That combination of really excellent pictures and...
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    Pacific Vapor Engine from Morrison & Marvin Castings

    Dear Dave, I was lucky enough to come across this train of material today. What an extraordinary resource! The photographs are all just of a truly stunning quality, such that the contrasts between the greys is sufficient to show the components and their surfaces perfectly. The techniques...