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    Lead Screw protection

    After mounting my 4 jaw chuck, I decided to make a faceplate for the lathe. To leave the face at a workable distance from my tool holder, I used a spur gear with a 100mm diameter, 30mm thick collar. Even with this distance, the nearest I can move my carriage to the face of the plate is about...
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    4 Jaw chuck

    I was given e Belflex Spanish/Chinese lathe and it only had a 125mm 3 jaw chuck. Today I made a back plate to install an old 125mm 4 jaw I had. The spindle nose on the lathe is a modified DIN 55027 size 3 type, being the only difference, the taper which, on my lathe, it's parallel. Turning the...
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    Mill rattling

    My Optimum F45 always had a "problem". The splined shaft on the spindle always had a little play and when I use the fly cutter which has 4 blades, the rattling sound gets terrible. Is there a way to silence this? I has thinking of lubricating it with some heavy sticky grease hoping this would...
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    Grinding wheel

    I have 2 cheap bench grinders, one with the original 150x20 mm wheels and the other with a wheel/belt grinder combination. I was thinking of installing a green silicon carbide wheel on this one for tool sharpening purposes. My question. Is this stone "ok" for hss tool and drill sharpening? Is...
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    "New" lathe has arrived

    My new (to me) lathe has arrived. Spanish/Chinese made from 2008. It was a bonus/gift from my boss. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth but I don't like the dials. The cross slide's feed screw has a 2mm pitch but the dial has 100...
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    Handheld CNC

    This looks cool.
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    Unicorn log splitter

    Weird kind of log splitter.
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    Wooden air engine

    Check this out ;)
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    Anodizing in 1963

    This magazine always has something interesting. Look at what they suggest as dye solutions.
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    Steam powered lawn mawer

    No comments ;)
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    Stamp letters

    Going through an on-line shop related to my other hobby I saw this that can be useful.
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    Cutting tool

    Saw a demonstration of this tool today and I was quite impressed. The 4 1/2" hand grinder has 2 counter rotating carbide toothed disks that cuts like crazy through almost anything and without sparks.
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    Shop Lighting

    This should be interesting.
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    Cool tricks from 1964

    These few pages (166 to 171) have some cool tricks.
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    Some hurt, I'm sad

    After 30+ years of self employment, with the last 12 in partnership with my brother in law, I'm sad to say that we were caught up by the crisis. So many good years of electric motor and generator repair, automation systems build and repair till suddenly, it seems that the good old repairman is...
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    Thickness Gauge

    While reading through PM magazines I came across this little gadget ;)
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    Gray Matter

    Saw this article on PS and thought that it might be useful.
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    Interesting 4 cycle engine

    I saw this engine a couple of years ago and thought it's quite interesting.
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    Designing gears

    Interesting link on gear design Thought I should share. ;)
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    A different stirling

    Came across this link, might be useful for someone :)