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    Help to ID engine

    A friend of my father-in-law was going to pitch this in the dumpster while cleaning out the basement of his business and then remembered that I mess with this sort of thing. After a lucky save I'm trying to ID the engine. It has a 7.6" diameter flywheel, bore of 1.4" and 2" stroke. Any help...
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    Collet Sets

    I have two collet sets that I figure someone on here may have use for. First up is a Pratt & Whitney #3. The sizes should be visible in the photo. I'd like $50 for all of them. Second is an Erickson 100DA set that still in in the shipping cosmoline. It is missing the 1/2" collet. I'd like...
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    Sets of riffler files

    I have a few sets of these files available. They include Nicholson Style 3, 6, 9, and 12, and two AM Swiss Style 10, all in cut 0. These are NOS and in pretty nice shape. They are $25 for the six files. They can ship USPS priority for $5.86 in the small flat rate box. Steve Roskowski 317...
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    Hot Rod Arbor Press

    Last year while using a "top of the line" Harbor Freight arbor press, I wound up having a broach wind up shattering. The wobbliness of the press was the largest contributing factor. In the broaches defense it knocked out probably around 100 or so 12mm square holes in 1 3/4" couplers for boat...
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    Vimana Vee Twin

    I am getting started on a rather neat international project. A while back a man from Slovakia named Juraj Kadora posted on the forums to get help doing a build article on a vee twin he designed and produced castings for. I would have never guessed that I'd be writing a build article for a guy...