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    Torch for silver solder.

    Planning ahead on my "Farm Boy" build, I plan on using silver solder to assemble the crankshaft, will I be able to do this with a regular propane torch or move up to something larger? Oxy acetylene would obviously best but I don't really want to go there. I will be procuring some fire bricks...
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    SolidWorks 2012 on Win 10

    My tried and tested HP Elitebook running SolidWorks 2012 on Windows 7 Pro is getting rather tired so its time to update to a Windows 10 machine. My question to all the computer pundits is will I have any problems running a 2012 SolidWorks version on a windows 10 machine. I have done some...
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    Dividing head missing parts

    I have a Rockwell dividing head very similar to the one in the image. Unfortunately the parts that causes friction between the indicator arms and the dividing head are missing so although they are at the correct spacing they never hold position. using a little clamp works to a degree...