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    Grizzly G0768 (8 x 16) or G9972Z (11 x 26) Lathes?

    Wondering if anyone has used one or both of these 2 lathes. If so, opinions on how you like them would be appreciated.
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    My lathe, a Select 816B, came with rocker style tool post and holders (see this thread for lathe details: Select 816 B Lathe Acquired Have various holders, including a boring bar. So far, I have only used the left hand, right hand, and cut-off holders. To me, they seem plenty rigid. I did do...
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    Atlas Lathe Milling Attachment

    I am selling an Atlas lathe milling attachment. Appears that it could be model # 500A. Pictures show other numbers (10-501, 10-502, and 8188, if I see it correctly) on item, but not 500A. I have never used it (obtained with a used lathe), and don't foresee a use for me in the future. Appears to...
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    Select 816 B Lathe Acquired

    Recently purchased a used Select 816 B lathe. I have attached lots of photos. According to the spec sheet that came with it, the swing is 8 3/8", distance between centers is 16", weight is 275 lbs (don't know if that includes the legs and motor, but it felt like it did not). Hardened and ground...
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    Unwanted Taper ?

    I am at my wit's end trying to figure out why I consistently get a taper on the three 7x mini lathes that I have tried. I am now on a third 7x mini. I was getting a taper in all 3. The taper always the same; that is, the chuck end always thicker than the tailstock end. All pieces were turned...
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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    I must preface this by saying that I have never built a model engine; but, I am very interested in the prospect of doing so. I want a lathe to start; however, I am basically going back and forth on which to buy. I need your help. I done extensive research on this forum and others, and am still...
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    I have been searching on this forum for information on mini lathes that would be good for building sterling, steam and other powered engines on the smaller scale. I am an avid woodturner and have done a bit of woodworking over the years. I have extensive high school experience (many years ago)...