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    Boiler Material for Large Scale Model Engines

    There is a saying 'There is no substitute for practical experience' and I would think this is very applicable to boiler making! If you do not have the experience in the construction of boilers, do not attempt to build one, all it takes is a small mis-step, flaw, in construction or materials...
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    Not to long ago, I saw an interesting You Tube video on "Home built camsaft grinding machines". The little machine was built from common stock size and did not require a lot of complicated gadgetry to get the end result. The priciple that it worked on was a master cam profile that was also home...
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    gingery home made lathe

    camnefdt, I'd would suggest using clean sand such as the packaged types offerd in building supply stores and or home improvment stores. You will get very nice castings surface and integrually if you use the dry wall plaster slurry/over the foam pattern prior to pouring the melt. The plaster...
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    gingery home made lathe

    The site for the lost foam casting tutorial is, Build Your and this site belongs to Dave Kush. What he builds are parts for his home made CNC milling machine projects. He has an e-mail address and will offer hints and suggestions about his process, another person that has built Gingery...
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    gingery home made lathe

    At present, I am building a lathe 9X20, using some of the methods that are described in Dave gingery's books. So, far the build has been on again and off again as I proceed with updates on my furnace building and pattern building methods. One thing that is a set back for most is the would be...
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    Up in pun intended.

    +Adding fuel to the fire! I used to take my lunch hour down at this local airport near where I worked. This particular hanger/ shop was the home of Stolp Aviation, they built hand crafted aerobatic biplanes, namely the Stolp AcroDuster, StarDuster and few more. These aircraft were the absolute...
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    camshaft design question

    thank you guys for the input!
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    camshaft design question

    One of my engine designs that is in the rough and tumble thought process is another V-twin and this is along the lines of a Hoglet and similar other V types. The cams would be individual and run in a gear case as do most models of this design format. Has anyone ever built individual lobes then...
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    what happens if i use regular concrete mix?

    I have built three prototype furnace units for my foundry work, one being electric and the other two for gas or oil. The materials used for the liners or interiors have always been of high temperature commercial refractory mix. When you mix this and pay close attention to the ratio of water to...
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