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    Online Metals ProtoBox

    I just received 20# protoboxes from OM in aluminum and brass. I put "Large pieces are fine." in the comments box and used the 20% off deal they had going. For brass in got two 11" long pieces, one 2.125"D and one 2.5"D. It was like winning the Lotto. (If you don't agree, price these pieces on...
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    old tractor LANZ HP 4WD 1923 (scale 1/4)

    That looks like an outstanding model. The video clip on is very intriguing. Is the kit sold by or somewhere else? I did not see any kit information on their website. Please keep us posted with your progress.
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    Greetings from the Colorado foothills

    Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I joined the forum a few days ago hoping to renew my commitment to building a live steam locomotive in 3/4" scale. Years ago I bought Kozo Hiraoka's Building the Shay and now just retired, I am finally in a reasonable position to get started on that or...
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