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    Highlight todays posts

    Hi, Jus a request but could you possibly mark the todays posts in bold so I can see them easily? Martin
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    Tangential Tool Holder.

    Hi, Thanks to Niels Abildgaard supplying the carbide I have just completed my tangential tool holder. It works really well and leaves an excellent finish even with deep cuts. The next project is to make a pair of holders with 3mm square carbide for left and right cutting, again the carbide...
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    Hi Folks, I am considering getting a Pyrometer to use for tempering steel but I am not sure if the infra-red types are the way to go.:confused: Could someone advise me please? Martin
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    Plastic for Threading.

    Hi Folks, Could I have some advice please on what would be the best plastic to use for a threaded hole? One that would give good self lubrication and make a tight fit. Alternatives would be a big help.:) Thanks, Martin
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    Electric Motor Wiring?

    Hi Folks, I have a 3 phase electric motor that I believe to be dual voltage and I wondered if it could be run on single phase 240v? The wiring is from the bottom of the pic :- Blue, Red, Brown on the input side Black, Red, Yellow on the motor side. The motor is MTB63B14-4 MK110015-S The...
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    Did I make a left hand thread

    Hi Folks, I think I inadvertently made a left hand internal thread.:wall: I had the lathe turning as normal in the anti-clockwise direction and the carriage set to run from left to right to cut from the inside out. The threading tool was cutting on the inside nearest the operator not upside...
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    Mounted Grinding Stones?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know where I can purchase mounted grinding stones with a 6mm or 1/4" shanks in the UK?:confused: I have tried a google search but most of them come in sets of 5, in various shapes. They are not quite what I require, I would prefer to be able to buy several 12mm in...
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    Link to a very useful site!

    Hi Folks, Have a look at this useful site as it has a lot of very good ideas I especially like the tailstock re-alignment idea.:D Arnak
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    Ball Joint?

    Hi, How do you actually make a ball and socket joint.:confused: I would like to do this to make an adjustable taper device for my saw table as I already have a jig type device but it is only useful for shorter lengths of timber. I plan to make a version that fits to the side fence with a...
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    Tapping Head, which to buy?

    Hi Folks, I am in need of a tapping head but not the Vertex version.:( Having checked around on the net I am having difficulty deciding which one to buy.:confused: I would like one that goes from M3 to M12 if such a beast exists? With an MT2 taper to fit my drills quil. Or as near to that...
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    All that glistens is not gold!

    Hi Folks, So I decided to make a an in-line boring tool to bore out 2 bearing holes. I made the bar and drilled the hole for the HSS tool bit, all OK so far.:D After spending at least 20 minutes getting the bit to the correct angles and nice and sharp I put it into the bar and set the cut...
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    Cutting speeds?

    Hi Folks, I am going to be using a 1.25 mod HSS involute cutter, size No.3 to cut a gear in mild steel. Could you give me a guide to the cutting speed RPM please? Arnak
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    Tap Wrench.

    Hi Folks, Can anyone recommend a really good tap wrench for the larger sizes of tap, sat 10mm upwards. I find that the commercial cast variety always come loose on the tap when applying a fair amount of torque.:mad: That is even after tightening with a length of rod. The design seems faulty...
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    Metric threading question.

    Hi Folks, I was going to attempt to thread a piece of rod using and carbide threading tip which is 1.75mm for a 12mm thread when I noticed that my Warco lathe for some strange reason does not have a 1.75 gearbox setting. It has a 1.8 instead.:confused: Would this be acceptable or would the...
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    Threading Insert Question.

    Hi Folks, I am just making some holders for some carbide threading inserts and could do with a little advice please. The inserts have chip breakers but should the holder have a slight downward rake as the tips are vertical on the cutting face? I have seen some tool holders with a built in...
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    Whitworth Thread Root Angle?

    Hi Folks, I am attempting to grind a threading tool to the correct root radius for a Whitworth thread of 2.25" dia x 8 tpi. Could someone explain how to calculate the root angle and depth of thread please?:noidea: Thanks, Arnak
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    Threading Question.

    Hi Folks, I am going to attempt to make a collet chuck for my spindle nose. The question I have is that the thread required is quite deep and has a rounded root. If I use a standard threading tool the root would be deeper than it should be and the bottom of the root would be a sharp angle...
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    Warco Major Mill Mod.

    Hi Folks, Just in case anyone is interested I made a small modification to my Major Mill, it might be applicable to similar machines? I found that I needed to mill out some rectangular slots for a slide valve. The mill was brought with a power feed for left - right travel but the electric...
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    Buying short lengths of Steel in the UK.

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can order short lengths of Steel in the UK? ??? I need about 6" of 3" dia steel for a chuck spindle adaptor to make my ER32 collet holder. Preferably through mail order as I live in South Wales. :P Noggin Ends don't go up to that size and the cost of a metre is...
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    Thread identification?

    Hi Folks, I am considering purchasing some ER collets for my Warco BH600G lathe. I would need a spindle nut but I am unsure of the thread. The OD is 56.89 mm 2.239" x 10TPI as far as I can tell. Has anyone any idea what thread that is? I have tried to get the angle with thread gauges but...
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