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  1. Graemep

    V8 Demon from Downunder

    Hi I have just finished my version of stevehuck Demon V8 and I would like to thank steve for excellent drawings. I started the build about 5 year ago and it sat in a box in the corner 95% finished (Life and other projects got in the way) so about two months ago I decided it was time to finish it .
  2. Graemep

    Hoglet Jr (Down Under Style )

    Hi everyone After I finished my first IC engine (tiny) at the beginning of the year I wanted to build a twin. I found the hoglet article in Model engine builder magazine and decided to build one. The first thing to do was change the drawings to metric, When I started to change the drawings to...
  3. Graemep

    Hi from Australia

    Hi I have been a member for about 18 months and thought it was about time to say Hi. I am a Fitter and machinist by trade. The machine shop that I work at makes manly large ring gears and enclosed dive gearboxes . I have been interested in all sorts engines since I was at high school .When I...