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  1. ACHiPo

    Pencil Grinder Recommendation?

    I have a cheap Dremel knock-off set that is underpowered, slow, and frustrating to use. I've thought about replacing it with a Foredom tool. Of course once the decision was made that I need something better, down the rabbit hole I went. I'm now thinking an air pencil grinder might be a good...
  2. ACHiPo

    Tooling Blank Source?

    I'd like to get some 3/8" x 3/8" HSS tooling blanks. The US-made ones from MSC are pretty expensive. I've found some Chinese blanks for what seems to be a too-good-to-be-true price of ~$1@ for a lot of 50. Does anyone have experience with Chinese tool steel? What other options are there for...
  3. ACHiPo

    How to Start?

    I'm acquiring a few machine tools (and skills) and am toying with dipping my toe in the model engine pool to learn how to use what I've acquired. I've got a 10" x 31" Logan lathe, drill press, and assorted hand tools and measuring devices. I don't have a mill (yet). What kits or plans would...
  4. ACHiPo

    Ford V-8 (Preferably FE) Model Availability?

    Are there any V8 engine "kits" (castings, maybe crank and cams) that exist, and if so where? Thanks in advance.
  5. ACHiPo

    New to me Logan 816

    After a long search and many near-misses, I finally picked up a lathe--a Logan 816, which I'm guessing dates from the late 40s (SN 47696). The seller dealing with his father's estate, and while the lathe hadn't been used in over 10 years, it had been well oiled and kept dry so is in pretty...
  6. ACHiPo

    Experience with Weiss Machines?

    I just came across attractively priced lathes and mills from Weiss. What experiences do people here have with Weiss? How do they compare to other Chinese machine tools? Thanks!
  7. ACHiPo

    New to Machining and the Site

    Hi, I've renewed my interest in machining as a result of my watch obsession. I have a technical (metallurgical engineer, but focused on semiconductors) background, but have never gotten around to do much metal work. I'm looking forward to teaching myself the basics, and ask for your patience...