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    Relocating head on round column mill

    I am still trying to find it as early on I did have the round column bench top mill. From what I remembered in the article he removed all the pulleys from the top and made an aluminum plate that was able to attach I believe 1” to possibly 1”1/2 round bar. He also made another plate that...
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    Relocating head on round column mill

    Check the magazine Home Machinist there was an issue where a gentleman walks through the making of a device (with plans I believe)that will keep the head in alignment once moved on the round column import mills. From what I remember reading it kept very accurate and he also converted a drill to...
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    Keep Logged in

    I am having trouble too. I can get in the site through email I receive but I can’t get in through the App? It won’t recognize my password?
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    270 Offy

    Terry so glad to see you back at! You set the benchmark for all hobby machinist!
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Hey if anyone in the this thread signs up for Fusion 360 and is getting all of the functions with it for free as a hobbiest please let me know. I had it for free and was contacted by Fusion and was told it would only be free to students that had a registered class with an instructor. I paid...
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Letting everyone know Fusion 360 is no longer free to Hobbiest. It is only free to students and with a long list of criteria that must be met.
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    Sherline CNC Mini Cam Grinder

    Hey has this been sold?
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve They did and they are going to work out perfect! thanks for the deal! I’m about midway through the 9 cylinder but also working your V8 with blower
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    Total amateur, but learning!

    Bluejets What are you referring to when you mention “pills”. I haven’t started any casting processes yet but close. Thanks
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve thanks! Check your PayPal should be good
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve Address is: Mark Huddleston 3231 Brunk Drive Springfield, Illinois 62712 Invoice through PayPal at; Mark.huddleston@standardaero.com
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve I will take them. Let me know how much you need for shipping. Springfield, Illinois
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    Model Engine Builder magazines for sale

    Bill are your magazines still for sale?
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    Hello from Illinois

    Nova 70 flew many Cessnas over the years the current one sitting in the hangar is a 310. Welcome to the site.
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    Hello from Illinois

    Roy Central Illinois here as well. Welcome to site! Lots of good material here to see!
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    Bentley BR2

    Hi I would be curious to know what you would sell the unfinished projects for?
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    Tormach 1100 CNC software suggestions

    I got a great suggestion from Steve Hucks on Fusion 360. I explored it and it’s free to hobbyists. It’s in all in one program. I have learned to make parts in CAD and it easily moves right into CAM. It has a bunch of G code tool paths and since I have a Tormach with Path Pilot it easily is...
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    Tormach 1100 CNC software suggestions

    Steven Nice shop!! Thanks for the added input! Hands down Fusion 360 is where I’m heading. From your name here looks like we are in the same field of work. I’m an A&P IA, multi/instrument and Cessna 310 owner