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  1. Chiptosser

    Heinrici HO42

    Sorry , I didn't watch the vid. I was looking at the first picture and looking at the lettering on the side and wondering how you did it. Great Job. I'm working an a full size Bremen walking beam.
  2. Chiptosser

    Heinrici HO42

    Jason, are you saying that you didn't use castings for this build?
  3. Chiptosser

    Model generator build from scratch

    Tim What is magnet Iron?? Bakelite, don't know of anybody making that. Are you talking abut phenolic material?
  4. Chiptosser

    USS Monitor Steam Engine Drawings

    I always injoy seeing it and talking to you at NAMES Thank You
  5. Chiptosser

    retiring to machinist

    Holy s*&^ Batman!
  6. Chiptosser

    retiring to machinist

    You just made a comment about cutting hard steel! Thats a totally different game! Cutting hard steel takes different tooling and cutting technique. Mild steel-cold roll, is considered a soft cutting steel, drill rod and tool steels have different allows. This makes them more resistant to...
  7. Chiptosser

    retiring to machinist

    MrBugBums I would highly stress to you , even for practicing, I would not waste your money on a combo mill. I hate to see people get discouraged with a piece of equipmet, and I belive this is what you will find. There are a lot of things that need fine tuned on these machines to make them...
  8. Chiptosser

    retiring to machinist

    After you move and you are thinking of the size of shop to build. I would seek out , ask around for machinist in the area. It may take some time but well worth it to see some machines face to face. You can see what these people are making size wise and get a persective of the machines and...
  9. Chiptosser

    A project that I aim to !

    Those are some nice connecting rods. Did you make them out of 932 bearing bronze? Also, it looks like you are working on an other engine too, a two cylinder. What is it? Excellent work! nice original looking crankshaft. My father had a 32. I see you have a hard drive motor , are you thinking of...
  10. Chiptosser


    Look in the tool catalouges, -bay, there lots of them out there.
  11. Chiptosser

    8 inch "slow speed" (1725RPM) Grinder

    AWAKE Didn't you have to make 1.25 adapters to use the 7" grinding wheels?
  12. Chiptosser

    Drill America end mills

    Here again, lets not be misleading to those are not as experienced with the different cutting tools. I too have many Hss Lathe tool bits, around 40 of them in .250, 375 and .500 Most of them are M42, so that those who don't know, these have a percent of Colbalt in them. The Colbalt makes the...
  13. Chiptosser

    8 inch "slow speed" (1725RPM) Grinder

    CBN, is not ment for general grinding. If you are touching-up and drill or and endmill, that's fine. They are not intended for hogging material. You will have to make a very accurate or true running mount for the Darex wheel to be able to use it. Load the grinder with a good 60 grit and 36...
  14. Chiptosser

    Drill America end mills

    Mauro, Can you elaborate on your commet about carbide tooling? People here may get the wrong idea, if they have never used it. I use solid carbid 96% of the time. The other 4% is when I grind special shapes for the lathe or use tapered endmills or two fluted endmills for special lenghts and...
  15. Chiptosser

    Drill America end mills

    I would check out MSC they have quality tools. Large online catalog. You'll find more than you ever knew was availible. I buy mostly colbalt in the unplated drills. You can't complain buying a quality tool, but you will always complain when using a low quality tool. I have found Hole Hogs...
  16. Chiptosser

    3D printed bevel gear

    Gordon, If you are having trouble with the blade waking, you have other issues. Is the blade new? If it is used and you installed the new tires, the blade could have a bow in it. If you lay the blade on a flat surface, does it lay flat? Are the tires running true on the wheels? If every...
  17. Chiptosser

    Why not ductile cast iron?

    Dave, what are you trying to show us in the picture of the three pistion rings? There is not enought detail to compare anything.
  18. Chiptosser

    junk cast iron

    Save your money, buy known good quailty cast for your cylinders. Unless you just want the learning experience in tearing it apart. You may can get some thick sections out of the ram, the base is cored and ribbed inside, varing thickness. The table is the better piece of material but full of...
  19. Chiptosser

    Free plans for a larger, simpler, beam engine

    This is a very superb model! I have seen it a number of times. As I followed his build over the years , he would have it at the N.AM.E.S. shows, in the different stages of build. I need to find my pictures of the progress that he made over the years.