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  1. Peter Twissell

    Cheap tool dodge

    Being a miserly old skinflint, I am averse to buying expensive tools which I may only use a few times when I can improvise. In this case, I needed to create 'fishmouth' ends on some short sections of stainless tube for the exhaust collector ring for my radial engine. I used a cheap hole saw, set...
  2. Peter Twissell

    Making a distributor cap

    As the title suggests, I need to manufacture a distributor cap for my freelance 7 cylinder radial engine. When I drew the design for the distributor a few years ago, the plan was to mould it in phenolic resin, selected for its dielectric constant and resistance to water absorption. At that time...
  3. Peter Twissell

    Hello from Norfolk, UK

    Hello engine builders. I have worked as an engineer for almost 40 years and built various model steam engines model aircraft, fullsize motorcycles and assorted 'gadgets' in my own workshop for most of that time. My current project is a freelance 7 cylinder radial engine. At 2.3 litres capacity...