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  1. gunner312

    Black Diamond Drill Sharpener Spacer

    If you, like me are missing the spacer for the point splitter for your Black Diamond Drill Sharpener, I have found an original and copied it. I have four of them for sale. The originals are made from malleable cast iron, I made the copies from 7071 Aluminum. I tried the copy on my Black Diamond...
  2. gunner312

    Black Diamond Drill Sharpener Master Collets/Collet adapters wanted.

    I have a Black Diamond Drill sharpener that is missing the master collets (9/16) (47/64) I have a 3/4 Master Collet. I need the collet adapters for the drills. The ones from Black Diamond are still available but they cost in the area of $30.00 each and the Master Collets are around $200.00 each...
  3. gunner312

    DRO on my YAM Lathe

    Well, in that we are all bored and searching for something to do. My wife bought a DRO kit (Chinese) for my lathe. (14 X 40 Yam). I installed the X(Y) axis and the Z Axis scales and powered it up, It worked well except that it was a pain to get it to finally read as a Lathe. The directions are...
  4. gunner312

    South Bend Lathe, 9 X 31-1/2

    A friend of my wife has a small South Bend Lathe for sale. it was her husbands who passed away a few years ago. While he was alive it was well maintained and he used it for a number of years. Since his passing, it has sat in storage (3+ years). it has surface rust on the handwheels and other...
  5. gunner312

    D1-6 8" Lathe chuck back adapter

    I bought a new chuck for my lathe and it came with a D1-6 adapter for a flat back chuck. I needed a D1-5 adapter (chuck was a good deal) I bought a D1-5 adapter for my lathe, fitted it to the chuck and "bobs yer uncle". Now I have a D1-6 chuck adapter for a 8" chuck. Complete with studs and...
  6. gunner312

    Muller build

    I just finished building a muller for my foundry. I kinda got tired of mixing petrobond (actually K-Bond) by hand. Turned out pretty good. As for the Semper Fi label, Hey I'm a Marine, what can I say. (LOL)
  7. gunner312

    Benz 1886 Motor plans

    I have been looking for plans for the 1886 Benz Motor. Anyone out there have a set? Willing to share or sell? Know where I can get a set? The company in Germany that makes the model kit won't sell the plans and won't ship outside Europe.
  8. gunner312

    Files for a Die Filer

    I have acquired a Die Filer, the only problem is that there are no files with it. Is there a way to re-make standard files so they can be used with this small machine. I think it could be quite useful if I can make files for it. I have found on ebay files for sale but they seem to be made of...
  9. gunner312

    Hello from Belfair, WA.

    I'd be willing to adda pin to a map of members but when I try all I do is go to the Home page for the HMEM. How?
  10. gunner312

    PeeWeeV4 Plans

    Does anyone have a set of plans for the PeeWee V4 they would sell? I have castings but no plans. Jim Wright