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  1. ShopShoe

    retiring to machinist

    Another "Just Saying...." When I built my present garage a few years ago, which is also my shop, I was going to get a floor drain put in and some more experienced people talked me out of it. My climate gets cold in the winter and at that time in-floor heat was not a local thing ("I don't know...
  2. ShopShoe

    Heinrici HO42

    Wonderful. I also like the aging. I think it runs very well. Thank You for posting, --ShopShoe
  3. ShopShoe


    I believe that you might find some very good drill bits at bargain prices, but the next time you buy the same inexpensive brand you may not get the same thing. I think one thing that premium brands have to offer more of is consistency from one sample to another. The other thing you may find...
  4. ShopShoe

    Older Sherline 4000 for Beginners First Lathe

    Your offer on the Sherline seems good, if the lathe is in good shape. Lots of people make some really good things with Sherlines. Besides the slightly larger capacity of the lathe from LMS, it has the capacity to cut threads, which is a skill that many machinists consider important. Many also...
  5. ShopShoe

    270 Offy

    Terry, Thank you for another great and inspirational build of another legendary engine. You have so many skills that I always feel like it's Christmas when I see you have put up another post. I also thank you for the generous way you respond to the questions you get asked. Thank You for...
  6. ShopShoe

    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    I have used multiple programs over the years, and I echo what retailer says above. You need to get the program running on your machine and try things out. Most of the tutorials are really demonstrations and I feel your pain. I tried TurboCad on both Mac and Windows, but I also had access to the...
  7. ShopShoe

    retiring to machinist

    Regarding a "complete" shop: I have had to build and equip work areas several times in my life. In fact, In my work life I had to do that for my employer a few times before I retired. The one thing that is constant is that when you are forced to spend a lot of money fast you will get some...
  8. ShopShoe

    Where is my friend Singapore Gus??

    I am glad he is well. I also liked Gus and corresponded with him a little. I was sorry when he stopped posting here. On the other hand, I am glad that a few more "interesting individuals" have joined. Checking this forum is part of my ritual most days. --ShopShoe
  9. ShopShoe

    First run Elmer's #42

    Amazing little linkages to make it all work. Fun one to watch. Congratualtions on the fiddly bits. --ShopShoe
  10. ShopShoe

    Hello Everyone

    Those engines look very nice. What I can see of your shop looks first-class as well. What machines do you have? --ShopShoe
  11. ShopShoe

    New to The Amateur Machinists World

    Terry, I'd be interested in what things you did to restore this and whatever else you did to recover from the fire. --ShopShoe
  12. ShopShoe

    1" Bore x 1" Stroke Vertical i.c. Engine

    Brian, So sorry to hear about your back. I hope it gets better. Meanwhile, I'll be following your new design. --ShopShoe
  13. ShopShoe


    Thank You for the follow-up post. Like I said, I'm intrigued by these things. --ShopShoe
  14. ShopShoe


    Thank You for posting that. I have always been intrigued by those. In my car-hobby days, I always thought the ultimate parade vehicle would have been a Model T or A pickup with one of those in the back playing around the town square in a parade. Of course, I never got that. --ShopShoe
  15. ShopShoe

    Drill America end mills

    My input to this discussion is that if you are getting the "bargain" products you might get something that seems to work well for you, but if you try to order more of the "same," it will be different: There seems to be a great deal of inconsistency in manufacturing or packaging those items, no...
  16. ShopShoe

    Steam Engine Tractor

    Congratulations on a very creative project. It may be Steam Punk, but I like it. Thank You for posting, --ShopShoe
  17. ShopShoe

    What to charge to thread a rod

    One more consideration regarding the original question: What is the use the threaded rods would be put to? I would not get involved in this if these rods were for a critical use like securing heavy things over people (thinking of pipe hangers, etc.) Never mind the possibility of lawsuits, I...
  18. ShopShoe

    Beginner here, is this a good way to proceed

    notharget, I'd say if you can justify the expenses and have the time and space start building your own shop. I put off getting a lathe for years and years because I had my goals set on large machines and large projects. I eventually decided to get realistic and bought a 7x mini lathe and...
  19. ShopShoe

    First run Elmer's #42

    I like that one. I like the clean-ness of your build and your choice of colors. What more can I say other than it it also runs very smoothly. This is one of Elmer's designs that I seem to have overlooked in the past. I think I'll have to look at the plans again. --ShopShoe
  20. ShopShoe

    1/4 scale International M

    Rodue, Congratulations on another good project from your shop. It may be running a little fast, as you say, but it runs so steady it's like music to my old-engine ears. Thank You for posting, --ShopShoe