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  1. tel

    a tool for holding angled parts

    Another 'must have' - thanks Chuck.
  2. tel

    Hot Water Heater Furnace

    Any place that sells potter's supplies should carry castable refractory, or be able to get it.
  3. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    Gears are done, but I've had no luck getting to the spark plugs yet
  4. tel

    Question: What Direction Is Up?

    Play it safe - write 'Exactly on centre height'!;)
  5. tel

    Lathe strobe

    Perhaps, but I don't wanna be in the same room with it. Strobing occurs occasionally with lathes lit by fluro strip lighting - we go to great lengths to get rid of it, not do the opposite.
  6. tel

    Lathe strobe

    Sounds like an easy way of losing a hand to me.
  7. tel

    Ball Joint?

    Or just use a clevis and pin - a ball joint sounds a bit of overkill for that application to me.
  8. tel

    Gearing help needed

    I don't think I'd go as low as a 15t gear for it - your best bet would probably be to try and work a 20/40 pair in. Or even a 19/38. In fact the 19/38 might work out very close in 40 dp
  9. tel

    Ford Quadricycle

    Interesting, I'll be watching this as well - and looking forward to seeing the plans!
  10. tel

    Understanding the flywheel governor

    Just to add to the mix - you can also regulate the valve cut-off on an air/steam engine with a flywheel governor.
  11. tel

    Another newbie from Oz.

    Welcome Fluffy
  12. tel

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia.

    Welcome Oldbugger.wEc1
  13. tel

    Hole in cylinder wall

    Frankly, if the bore is good, other than the blowhole, I would be inclined to ignore it, especially if fitted with CI rings, even with soft packing you will get away with it more often than not.
  14. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    It is better to avoid mixed marriages, yes, BUT in this instance 4BA works out just right, and they they are easily available. Besides which, BA (British Association) are a metric based bolt in any case.
  15. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    4BA might be a better choice - easier, I think, than M3.5 for most of us to get hold of.
  16. tel

    Gear cutting on a lathe

    There are a number of ways of cutting gears on a lathe. All the above will work, or, popular among clock makers, is to use the lathe spindle to hold the blank, with some sort of indexing rig up, and have the cutter mounted in a sort of yoke - independently driven and fitted to a vertical slide...
  17. tel

    David Kerzel Engine - problems

    There have been at least three builds described in these august pages. In my own case I just work around those sorts of problems as I find 'em - from memory I shifted the underside bolts outward in your problem #2 With problem#1 - the point is, in fact, on the part line, but the location is...
  18. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    meanwhile, experimental plug #1, teflon insulator and stainless electrode. Might be next week before I can test it and move forward, town day tomorrow and heading down to Batemans for the weekend Fri.
  19. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    Dunno yet Pete - with a little bugger like this a fuel vapor carb might be the best way.
  20. tel

    Australia and New Zealand team build anyone?

    Rof}Yeah, it's about the share I get out of my pension as well. Bushes are looking good! Yes Mike, most ME plans have errors and omissions - just needs your 'team' to be pretty well coordinated to get around it.