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  1. Wagon173

    Thumb piercings

    So I haven't been too active on this forum lately as time has been an issue. I'm still plugging away at my latest mill engine, but woodworking has also gotten a strangle hold on me lately. After a couple of months of getting back into wood working, however, I've realized that even though it's...
  2. Wagon173

    DIY Tool Maker's Chest

    Glad to hear you're still adapting and overcoming your shop problems, Gus. My absence from the forum has been due to a spark with an old love by the name of wood working. I say do what you can with the wood. I took about a ten year hiatus from wood working just because metal interests me...
  3. Wagon173

    vernier calipers scare me

    I disagree. You see older machinists running around with clip on magnifiers because it seems like its a convenient place to keep one. If I wore glasses, I'd be rockin' one of those clip on's, also! Unfortunately I have perfect eyesight and have to keep a magnifying glass on my layout bench...
  4. Wagon173

    27 tpi

    Thanks chuck! That was awesome. I had to bookmark it. I never thought to look for a threading calculator. I suppose it makes sense as they have calculators for everything else lol.
  5. Wagon173

    27 tpi

    Is this possible on a harbor freight mini lathe? I'm not a threading guru and it isn't in the manual, but I figure maybe it's because it's not a common pitch. Is there a way to do it?
  6. Wagon173

    short-term corrosion prevention

    I run a dehumidifier and in my shop and also burn a wood stove in the winter. It seems to work quite well for me. I don't oil them unless it's just regular care and maintenance.
  7. Wagon173

    Advanced Beginners Tool Box

    I'm sorry, wizard. It is pretty funny that safety equipment gets lost in the sauce when tools are being thought of. I'm guilty of it on more threads than this one. My shop has a set of safety glasses approved for shrapnel at pretty much every machine, I also have a fire extenguisher between...
  8. Wagon173

    Making A Chinese Drill Press Not Suck So Bad?

    Not too hip to drill presses as I got myself a nice jet benchtop and have nothing but good stuff to say about it. Seems that you aught to be able to modify the bearing mount to accept a decent wheel bearing though? Take that with a grain of salt. Good luck, bro! -Brandon
  9. Wagon173

    Advanced Beginners Tool Box

    I have to second abbey in that I've never used a digital mike. I got into the hobby, like many others, on a budget. As a result I bought a bunch of used analog mics from a retired machinist and had them calibrated just in case. I got one of the cheap-o digital calipers and I fear it's got one...
  10. Wagon173


    I'll have to call Anderson and tell her you found me on here!
  11. Wagon173


    Oh my gosh bro! Good to hear from you! I know exactly who you are. I actually grew out my mustache when I was in Afghanistan the last time and named it James! LMAO! Yea the machining thing is a blast! I got into it by designing a submarine as I have gotten vary into scuba diving over the...
  12. Wagon173


    I lost my tractor. Lmao, that's still my favorite joke! You need to put a picture up or give me a last name. What a trip to find someone you knew in italy 8 years ago on this forum!
  13. Wagon173

    Small diesel engine?

    Outstanding. Thank you guys for those threads!
  14. Wagon173


    Dear god, Kenneth! You know Earnie?! Yea we were in the 173rd! Have you ever had the honor of getting drunk with him? He's a nightmare but so damned funny at the same time! The picture was taken in hoenfelds while we were gearing up to go to afghanistan.
  15. Wagon173

    Lathe took a swan dive

    Thanks for your sympathies and advice, guys! I haven't gotten a lot of time in the shop since I've gotten home. I've had to concentrate on work and trying to get better work since I've taken about a 50% pay hit plus losing medical insurance since getting out of the army. Fortunately I have...
  16. Wagon173

    Mini Blown V8

    Gosh! This is such a pretty engine. Yours and theirs! I got so excited when I saw the 707 area code. Then I remembered that the area is about 250 miles long and I'm at the wrong end! I swear, I'll put a new roof on anybody's house that can make me this awesome at machining engines...
  17. Wagon173

    Small diesel engine?

    Hey guys. So my dad took me to his friends mom's house the other day and she let me go through her late husbands shop without a leash as she was going to take it all to the dump. In addition to a mini drill press, several bench grinders, an old 10 inch radial arm saw, and more mill tooling...
  18. Wagon173

    Machining.. with epilepsy

    You could always model one after a jetski or treadmill. Hook a magnetic kill switch up to your machines and use a little clip on a string to attach to your clothing somewhere. In the event that you go into convulsions it will be as if you had fallen off the jetski or treadmill and it will yank...
  19. Wagon173

    Shellac Mandrels and Chucks.

    Perfect rookie, "Oh Sh*t" Moment! I never thought about finding a way to glue things to the lathe. You fellas have probably saved me a fair amount in end mills :) Thanks for posting this!
  20. Wagon173

    Lathe took a swan dive

    Well I had a few minutes to assess the damage. Surprisingly, it's not too bad. Other than cosmetic damages the only bad thing was it broke the gear on the lead screw so now I can't (or if I can I haven't figured out how without threading) use my power feed. The spindle is still aligned and...