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  1. chucketn

    Drill America end mills

    While searching for a source for a 7/16" or 12 mm end mill, I found that Home Depot advertises the brand Drill America for online order and home or store delivery. Anyone have experience with these? Opinions? Immediate need is for use on mild steel bar from Tractor Supply... I'm making a...
  2. chucketn


    Why are we being logged out of the forum? Used to be we could log in and stay logged in, and no wanky ads.
  3. chucketn

    Fusion 360 replacement

    Since the powers that be have seen fit to loose all my projects(at least I can't find them since the "Team" update), what is a free cad system that one can learn easily. My only successful experience with CAD has been with Fusion. It worked fine for a couple years, even got through the Gui...
  4. chucketn

    Resurecting my Webster IC project

    As often happens with me, my Webster project got put on the shelf while I worked on something else. Probably shelved due to lack of material, or some other problem. That happens often. The new threads on building the Webster spurred me to get it down, dust it off and try to continue. When laying...
  5. chucketn

    Using supports

    Anyone use Repetier Host with slic3r that can explain how to set up supports to be easily removed and not waist a lot of filament? I designed an enclosure for my Arduino controlled RT controller setup. The enclosure is 2 piece and the top has a slanted portion for the LCD 20x4 display. I have...
  6. chucketn

    Woodson vertical w/reverse`

    I'm drawing up and planning to make the Woodson Vertical slide valve engine from Popular Science, 1947. Has anyone built this engine? I having trouble understanding how to set up the eccentrics. There has to be a better way. This engine has what I believe to be a Stevenson Link for the reverse...
  7. chucketn

    First Boiler info

    As my interest in model steam engines grows, the thought of a boiler to run them is nagging me. I have never seen, owned, or operated a model scale boiler. This thread will be used to ask questions and gather resources for a first boiler build. I am reading everything I can find on model...
  8. chucketn

    *************** SPAM

    Anyone here a member at ***************? I was banned from that forum years ago for expressing the opinion that members should be able to opt out of seeing adverts. The peckerwood( not what I really call him, but I'm trying to be nice) that runs the joint and his hand picked mafia, keep sending...
  9. chucketn

    Harry Wedge Oscillator

    The book “Model Stationary and Marine Engines”, by K.N. Harris has a drawing of a Single Cylinder Marine engine designed by Harry Wedge, on pg 7. Does anyone have that book that would be willing to make me a copy of that drawing? I have a .pdf of the book, but the diagrams are poor quality and...
  10. chucketn

    Designing steam engines

    At the risk of being shushed, and drummed out of the forum, I would beg to ask the question "How to design a steam(or air) engine. "? I have built a few very simple engines, and followed many builds here and on other forums. I've collected plans for all sorts of 'steam' or 'air' engines from all...
  11. chucketn

    slotter plans

    Has anyone modified this slitter for a 7x lathe? The plans for it were published in Model Engineers' Workshop August/September 1991 issue. The attached picture is Rob Wilson's build posted on this forum. Rob cast his slotter's body in bronze. I will cast it in Aluminum. I have a set of drawings...
  12. chucketn

    Duplicates in Downloads

    Just discovered the downloads area is now separate forum. I decided to look through it to see what's new. I found there is a lot of duplicates. Why is that? Any plans to clean it up?
  13. chucketn

    Kennedy tool box key

    I know it’s a long shot, but a favor to ask. Anyone have an older Kennedy Tool Box that takes a K43 key and have the key? If you do, could you please take a picture of it centered and laying flat on a sheet of printer paper or paper of known dimension, and send me the picture. And the name of...
  14. chucketn

    My first 'thing'

    I'm learning Fusion 360. As I have a hobby machine shop that contains Kennedy Tool boxes, and also have a 3d printer, I drew up a part that is inordinately expensive, if you can find them. I created a printer file for the Kennedy tool box drawer pulls. Nothing really complex, but if you need one...
  15. chucketn

    Anet A8

    I'll start things off. I enjoy making things, and I especially enjoy taking existing designs, objects, materials and modifying it to do what I want or need. I purchased a Anet A8 3d printer kit from an E-Bay seller. I chose the Anet A8 because of its lower price and large following, and large...
  16. chucketn

    3d printing sub forum?

    With the increase of popularity of 3d printing, and printer prices finally reaching affordable levels, how about a 3d printing forum? Maybe as a sub forum to CNC, as the equipment and methods are similar. Chuck
  17. chucketn

    Arduino based CNC

    My interest in Arduino based cnc has re-awakened with a vengeance. I have been searching for a project for a router/engraver/plotter that I can build on a very limited budget, using surplus, scrounged, or home made stuff. Like the simple plotter made from cd-rom parts. I have salvaged some rails...
  18. chucketn

    Mistery metal

    I was given a bar of metal, 1/2" x 2 1/2" x about 16", by a friend several years ago. I have cut pieces of it now and then to make things. I cut a piece 1 7/8 " long to make a low profile clamp for my RT when used in the horizontal position. This material is more silver in color than CRS or HR...
  19. chucketn

    Low profile clamp for 4” Vertex RT

    I want to make a couple of low profile clamps for my RT, as shown in the attached photo, to clamp my RT on my X2 mill, in the horizontal postion. I have 6061 aluminum, or I could make a pattern and cast it out of wheelium. I plan to put 3 bolt holes in it as shown in the picture. Will either...
  20. chucketn

    E-mail nitices

    Why am I getting e-mails announcing replies to threads I'm not subscribed to? Gotten several over the last few days. I have the options for notifications all turned off. Chuck