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    What to charge to thread a rod

    Getting back to the OP's question have a look at the material $1 per thread for an easy one $1.25 for hard metal or long thread Price per end does not sound so much money & you are not in it for serious bucks anyway You have not quoted any hourly rate so they cannot hold you to one in the future
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    Parting tool chatter

    Not really-- I do not have a clue what you were trying to say :(:(:(
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    My Drill Chuck Keeps Falling Off

    I had a 5/8 inch drill chuck that kept falling off, so I used a centre punch to put about a dozen indents into the taper. I then hammered the chuck on tight. It was on a Sealey pillar drill that i retained after I sold my joinery business 20 years ago. I have had it about 40 years. It has not...
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    Model Traction Engine for a Novice!

    I know that you have decided on a steam engine, but if you have a lake nearby have you thought of a steam boat. You could chuff it round a lake & your son would have far more fun watching it go. A myfordboy steam engine will get a bit boring once built & a simple steam engine in a simple hull...
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    My Drill Chuck Keeps Falling Off

    And there was me thinking it was-- go & have a cigarette & a sit & think about it for a while !!! Does work for some problems;)
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    Parting tool chatter

    I have just been through this thread & cannot see anyone mentioning making 2 cuts. I have had a very elasticated Warco 240 MV from new. (My Drummond M seemed more rigid.) One can watch the cutter dipping visually millimetres, not thous. I cannot run a low revs because the variable speed motor...
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    Seems odd that you tell us that our language does not have latin origins in paragraph No 1. Then spend paragraphs 2 & 3 telling us how it effectively does, through roundabout sources. All I know is that I still hate, to this day, our latin teacher with his damned "Amo, Amas, Amat", (or whatever...
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    With due respect you have just contradicted yourself. Longbow suggested an alternative idea. -- He suggested a different method-he pushed the envelope. & you are saying he should not. Is one "blind" not to accept that? Nobody has actually said WHY one cannot put the die in the chuck with soft...
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    Surely one can use a relatively "soft" shim & if the thread is tight one can just tighten the chuck jaws in a similar way to adjusting the screws on a die holder. Is that any harder in the grand scheme of things?
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    Would it not be simple to apply pressure to the tailstock with one's hand?
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    Baron J Perhaps i should have included the quotes. I seem to have problems getting them to come out in the post. The suggestion made earlier was to put the die in the 3 jaw chuck & the rod in the jacobs chuck such that the rod passed through the headstock. The follow up to that was that the 3...
  12. J

    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    Put a shim in the split?
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    Free plans for a larger, simpler, beam engine

    40 years ago one of our joiners- Les Huit left to become a National Park warden for Northumberland & was a keen mountaineer. But perhaps we can go off thread for a second & may i ask if you know what it was that my late mother (who was borne in Berwick) Called a "Puffy Dunta". The salmon...
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    School me on engine starters

    Some of the guys at my model RC flying field have ready made starters built into their aeroplanes. Engines 75-100cc. Do not need many revs to start, basically equivalent to flicking the prop. Powered off a 4 cell lypo battery & switched by a purpose made circuit that comes with the starter...
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    Precision cross feed setting

    Try He also has vids on angles for internal turning
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    looking for simple tractor plans

    Deleted --crossed post
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    looking for simple tractor plans

    Perhaps this might fit the bill https://in.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/pyrte/info?guccounter=1
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    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I had to bolt some 3mm steel sheet paneling for my traction engine to 10mm square in the angles. I first drilled both 3mm & the bar for 3mm tap ( 2.56 I think) then enlarged the hole in the plate to 3mm There was 196 holes & I did not break a single drill bit( I only used 2 smaller & one larger...
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    My First Engine Build

    Fit a carb off another commercial engine. OS or Irvine- but do not use MDS they are useless carbs. You may have to make a sleeve adaptor to fit but make sure it is airtight. Then use an electric starter with a prop spinner on the prop.
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    Hello all

    deleted sorry