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    DRO choice

    Ok, got the new mill. Grizzly Go704 now for a dro. My question is this, glass scale or the latest magnetic? Magnetic is high priced for me(retired) but it comes with a 6yr warrenty. Glass seems to only come with a 1 yr. About $150 difference in price. I am 64 and want something that will last...
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    Grizzly Go704

    Does anyone have one of these and if so what do you think of it.
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    Hard spot?

    Tried to drill a #50 hole in a casting. First hole went thru great, had three more to do. The next after putting in a punch mark, started to cut than just stopped and got hot. Tried a new bit and it would not even start. So went to the next hole, with a new bit again, no go. Turned the casting...
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    Myers engine

    Here is a Myers popcorn engine that I just finished.hppt://youtube/7Qe_GOuIQKA
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    Need some help with site

    Ok I admit I am a computer dummy so here goes. I got a new eMail address and wanted to change it on the profile. It asks for my password which I have forgotten. But I do not have the old email account to receive the password. And I want to put in a password I can remember. So how do I get this...
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    Grizzly's new mill

    Could someone explain to this dummy why grizzly put a mt#4 tapper on the new mill? Why not r8 or 3, something everyone already has. I also couldn't find mt#4 tooling in grizzly's catalog. What's up?
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    Lathe motor

    I have a Smithy AT300 lathe. The motor went. It is 1650 rpm if I put on a 1750 or 1800 rpm will this change my threading speeds or mess with them?? I don't know any thing about electric motors or what changing the rpm will do.
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    PM research crankshafts

    OK guys here I must be going brain dead. How do you machine the center throw on the pre-formed cranks? I have done a couple cranks from flat stock and machined the center throw first, than the bearing shafts. But for some reason can't picture how to do this throw with a pre-formed crank. Didn't...
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    PM research machined kit

    Here is a machined kit I bought at the Zanesville, Ohio show and put together this week. At least I have one that runs now, he he.
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    Mid-East Ohio Model Expo

    Is anyone planing on going to the Model show in Zanesville, Ohio on the 24th of Oct.? Would like to go and was wondering if members from here were going too.
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    Show us your lathe

    Ok thought it was time to show ya all what I use, or try to use I should say. Hope the pics post ok. I have serveral projects started but can't seem to get any finished. One of these days.
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    Recent project #2

    Just to make sure I remember how to post a pic. I will show my not so good and off topic woodworking. Please don't laugh.
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    Recent Project

    Here is a pic of a recent project. A baker fan. Keep in mind I am no machinist just a rookie at 59 pushing 60. Hope the pic comes thru. Love this web site am learning a lot. Thanks.