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    ER32 collet chuck holder stuck in spindle

    I'm having a silly, but frustrating problem. I have a cheap 7x14 Chinese lathe with a MT3 taper in the spindle and it came with a typical bolt on 3 jaw chuck. Last year I bought an ER32 collet chuck holder for it so I could use collets to hold stock. It wasn't this one, but was similar...
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    Protect part while turning

    What is the go-to method for protecting the finish on a small part when turning it in a lathe. This is mainly when you already worked on one end and then have to flip it in the chuck to work on the other end. I've seen suggestions such as wrapping it in the think aluminum from a cut up soda...
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    vacuum for use on a lathe

    What is a good small vacuum to use on a lathe to clean up the chips. Currently I mainly use a whisk broom and our house vacuum which is a good Oreck hand vac. But I know that my wife isn't pleased with me using it this way and I am sure it isn't that good for the vac. It would seem that the...
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    metric lathe thread dial request

    I have a cheap Chinese lathe that didn't come with a thread dial. I've been looking at various YouTube videos and want to try and make one similar to what many of these videos show. Most, however, seemed to be based upon an imperial based lathe lead screw. My lead screw has a 1.5 mm thread...
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    More questions about my tailstock

    The tailstock for my 7x14 appears to be pretty standard for this level of lathe. It is attached to the bed by a bolt the goes through the bed and uses a small square metal plate with a nut to secure it to the bed. I have noticed that if I tighten the nut too much it won't slide along the bed...
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    Question about chuck/arbor in tailstock

    I recently got a drill chuck and arbor to use in my tailstock, but have a question about using it. (I warn you that being a newbie, I would have a lot of dump questions). If I have cranked the quill all the way out, the arbor fits tightly in. However if I start to retract the quill, I reach a...
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    Newbie from central Virginia

    Hi, I've been lurking for several years now but now want to get into all of this. I have virtually no experience on lathes, other than a small amount using a small, cheap lathe that my employer had. That was mainly using Delrin to create some bushings for my motorcycle. I retired at the...