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    Running Waterloo in. 291 scale

    Busy year .....but she runsi
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    Need help with a super scale injector

    I lost the disk on my super scale economy injector if some on could tell me the outside diameter and the thickness I would appreciate it it so we on the delivery cone Thanks Todd Michel
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    waterloo traction engine .29 scale

    We started a groop build a waterloo 25 HP side mount The reason for the scale is a 10 inch pipe works out to boiler diameter so scaling the rest from there
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    casting weekend

    Poured the cylinder for a 25 HP waterloo in .291 scale And 2 governor casting for a 1\3 case All turned out well
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    some days i tell ya

    Made the pattern and the core Machined it Then in my infinite wisdoms lol Notice it was 90 degrees out of orientation
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    govenor casting

    Here is the pattern and the core for a 1\3 govnor hope to pour on the weekend
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    blow holes

    I just started casting cast irion and all my poor's so far have had blow holes at the pooring hole What am I doing wrong?
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    Lang & bodily corliss

    I built this engine year's ago I timed it by removing 2 valves and putting plugs /endmills in the valve bores . Crank end I put it on top dead center with a indicater on the cross head .had the admmisson valve on the gabrclaw and rotated the valve until I just got lead I then released...
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    1/40sawyer in steam

    this is my 1/4 sawyer on the fan google min baker fan blyth how do yo like it ?http://y<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Br4YvqW6l38" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>outu.be/Br4YvqW6l38
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    hi from ontario canada

    a bit about me lol i bin in steam for 48 years my father has 10 traction engines 3 locomotives ......ques that's how i got the bug. i have built 3 traction engines, 2 sawyer Massey's 1/4 scale ,and a john goodioson 1/6 scale . a machinist by trade , helps allot lol. also a Corliss .2 31/2...
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    steam traction / tractors

    i would like to see who else builds traction engines on here . all makes would be great ....cases are nice but there are allot out there . can you show me what else is being or has bin built ? thanks in advance Todd