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    Mini-Lathe; T-slotted cross-slide...?

    Hi guys Ive just noticed your recent post and feel you might like to have a look at my effort at a "mezzanine" fitted to my Real Bull 7x10, it works a treat for parting off,and mounting DTI's etc. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/f15/new-addition-w-s-8432/ Regards Terry T
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    Dependant On Technology

    Guys I just had to reply to this one following a conversation which took place on similar lines to this thread that I had only yesterday. It took place with four of my very good friends (20- 40 year olds) who run our local computer shop. They all are in their own ways specialists within the...
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    midlands ME show

    Hi Guys look forward to seeing you on monday Regards Minerva
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    screw cutting

    Thanks once again guy, advice much appreciated. should get the reqd. change wheels today and I'll let you know how I get on. Tin, the link looks interesting. I will look further when I have some spare time! Kindest regards Terry
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    screw cutting

    Well what service :bow: posted the problem at eleven last night, went to bed and on waking all is revealed!!! Kvom, I must say I considered this option but decided that I would attempt to do it from a blank as the very nature of even the most basic OT operations requires fairly accurate...
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    screw cutting

    Hi guys, I've had my metric Mini Lathe for almost 5 years now and having made the decision from the out-set to "go metric" single point screw cutting has presented few problems until now that is! I am currently fabricating an Ornamental turning Engine (lathe) and I need to attach my...
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    My shop in the attic

    Hi ( and welcome ticino,) I can identify with the small workshop as mine also qualifies. My mill is almost identical in size ,the lathe is what caught my attention. What size and make is it? I ask as I would like to upgrade my mini-lathe to something a little larger however here in the UK there...
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    upcoming US visit

    Hi all, what a response :bow: Many thanks Steve the calendar will certainly provide food for thought once I get my head around the State abbreviations . I think some browsing is in order! Sadly Tin the one week-end that is taken up by the graduation celebrations is the 13th.to 15th of May so I...
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    upcoming US visit

    Hi guys. I have just finalized our next extended trip to the US! The wife and I are coming over the pond on the 26th. of April for a 9 week visit, primarily to be present at the graduation of my youngest Grand-daughter, as would you believe it - an ENGINEER . If I were to state how proud we are...
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    Safety glasses

    Hi Dave, I've recently gone down this road as a requirement for my college course and it was a real eye-opener. Safety glasses are a mandatory requirement for entry into the workshop area (even for the administration staff) I tried the over-glasses they provide but at no time did I feel...
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    New member from Ohio

    Nice to have you on board. I'm sure the members here will call on all that experience before very long Regards Minerva aka TerryT
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    We're back!!

    Sincere thanks Kevin what a relief this morning when that familiar screen came up!!!!! got me thinking , what is the best thing to do in similar circumstances to verify whether the site or ones own machine is at fault? given that one doesn't have access to members e-mail addresses on this...
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    Merry Christmas

    Hi guys a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year . Seasons greetings and God Bless you all no matter where you may be from TerryT
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    Thanks John Kendo beat me to it! really useful info, duly laminated and hung in the shop!! many thanks for the effort Regards TerryT
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    December Project of the Month

    Super job Arnold :bow: this engine looks a real challenge! very well done Regards TerryT
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    edge detector

    Hi Hans A word of caution, The article was written I suspect as the project evolved with the consequence the "Mk2" mentioned is a much more viable option. I eventually successfully completed the project and have been experimenting with the concept using an audio sounder instead of the LED...
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    Guys, just out of interest I contacted the UK distributors to see if they are still available.(I used one many years ago and got on really well with it) The answer is yes. the unit is no longer manufactured but stock still exist - the price: £450 plus vat, so I think not!
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    dead motor controller board!

    John, point taken but therein lie the problem, I could find no data sheet for the fitted article, therefore it was difficult to find an alternative with no PIV or current rating to go on. As to electronic experience I spent 20 years in the service many of them calibrating instrument landing...
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    dead motor controller board!

    John, I looked on the Cricklewood site , RS and Maplins but could find no mention of the components listed in the BOM. Farnells listed only the SCR and a straight search on the diodes brought up Digi key.UK which listed both components . A free phone call amazingly found a 24/7 order line which...
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    dead motor controller board!

    Well Guys, Thats what I call service :bow: John, this morning I received the schematics and manual. The accompanying BOM provided the info. required viz. the SCR's are listed as S8020L and the Diodes D8020L. A quick trawl round located stocks and a call to Digi -Key via their free phone number...