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    Free plans to a nice and large Hit n' Miss engine

    Thank you so much for the plans will look forward to making this.
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    My first project

    where did you get the plans for the engine?
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    John Stevenson - RIP

    Sorry to hear that. He will sure be missed.
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    Model Engine Builder magazine

    Down loaded issue #37 tonight and renewed for another year.
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    Swifty moral support

    best of luck I am sure everything will go just fine!
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    Just a bit of a gripe.

    I have been a member here for a few years and I look at this site everyday. You very seldom see anything I have made for that very reason. I am self taught and make a lot of mistakes but love the hobby so just don't put anything on and I try to never make a bad remark about anything.
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    question for you IC tinker-erers

    Sounds to me like the float in carburater is gummed up and stuck.
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    Building a model Gas Tank

    Good looking tank I will have to keep this in mind on some of my builds. Thanks for posting this.
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    Harbor Freight Customer Service.

    I have bought a lot of tools from Harbor Freight and have had to problems. It is nice to know that they will take care of problems. On another note, I just bought their woodworking bench. Advertised as $139, I also had a coupon for 25% off one item. In the store they had it marked $169. So they...
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    Merry Christmas to All

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Steam engine for a sternwheeler

    Looks great and love how it runs slow.
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    Issues with Myers Castings

    I have bought two of his kits and had no problems. However with that said that was a couple yrs ago. I agree with the others that you should talk with him first and than post on here what answer you get. I have found that most vendors will make things right. I am sure they can't inspect every...
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    Need opinion on truck

    I agree with canadianhorsepower, but think 500 a little high. Sounds like someone ruined a truck.
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    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year to come!!
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    The modern History of Rudy Kouhoupt

    He was a very good machinist for being self taught. I have many of his books and plans and hope to get started on them pretty soon. I always like to hear the story behind fellow machinists. I am self taught also and just hope someday to be half as good as Rudy.
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    New Member looking to buy a Smithy 3 in 1 for small hobby work. Good or bad move?

    I have a Smithy that I bought in the 90's. At this time it is the only lathe I have but the milling part gets very little use. Not enough x and y table movement. If you can buy two seperate machines that would work better. Just my thoughts.
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    MidEast Model Engineering Expo 2012

    I am planning on going Saturday. Nothing to show, but hope to meet some of fellow modelers. I'll be the plump fellow with the John Deere hat on. See ya all there.
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    Playing Carpenter

    You are going to give us detailed plans for this right?? Good idea for that space and I have a space just like it, thanks for the idea.
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    Torx screw

    Torx I believe just relates to the head design of the screw, such as philips or slotted, etc. the threaded part would be a standard thread be it metric or inch.
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    Does anybody sell model (I.C) v4 to v12 engines, exept Conley precision?

    I must of missed it too. What happened here???