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    screw cutting

    Hi guys, I've had my metric Mini Lathe for almost 5 years now and having made the decision from the out-set to "go metric" single point screw cutting has presented few problems until now that is! I am currently fabricating an Ornamental turning Engine (lathe) and I need to attach my...
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    upcoming US visit

    Hi guys. I have just finalized our next extended trip to the US! The wife and I are coming over the pond on the 26th. of April for a 9 week visit, primarily to be present at the graduation of my youngest Grand-daughter, as would you believe it - an ENGINEER . If I were to state how proud we are...
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    dead motor controller board!

    Hi guys, Has anyone out there any experience with blown motor controller boards (the KB electronics type). Yesterday my lathe stopped mid cut after a brief over-speed. On investigating all the usual starting parameters seem normal except on switching the speed pot to on, display remains at zero...
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    #2 or is it #43?

    Well guys, after the excitement of running my first effort last week I was let down with a bump when on Friday morning last I noticed or rather felt a "crack" as I tightened the mill vise, on investigation the following revealed itself the main casting as can be seen appeared cracked I...
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    No 1 or is it #25

    Well guys the time has come for my first engine project to get under way! I was given the plans about a month ago by a friend and have with your help identified said plans as an Elmers #25. Now I feel sure that many of you old hands will identify with many of my misgivings but only time will...
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    how do I embed pics in sequence with text?

    Hi all, having made a few posts now I have routinely attached pictures to the end of posts with few problems however the ability to embed pics. within the textual content seems to make more sense. I have attempted to use the "insert image" icon from the composing tool bar but have had no...
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    new addition to the W/S

    Well Guys' as promised a Pic of my new milling machine. It arrived on a pallet yesterday and with the help of a couple of friends it was safely unpacked and lifted into place on to a suitably beefed up bench! Today has been spent removing the statutory gunk/gunge and generally cleaning and...
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    Thanks for the incentive!

    Hi all I got to thinking the other evening what on earth could I contribute to a forum with so many talented members? The answer came with an assessment of what I personally had gained from my lurking over the past two years (with the occasional post/comment) Surprisingly I came to the...
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    basic question Re. drawings

    Hi guys, with delivery of my new milling machine imminent (next Monday!) I have started looking at small wobbler plans in order to select my first project! All was going well, my understanding of working drawings was clawed back from 50 or so years ago, materials have been sourced and then I...
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    You bought WHAT? at Sainsburys

    Hi Guys, especially those of you resident UK side of the pond During our weekly grocery shop this week I espied in the kitchen utensil section of Sainsburys the following item marketed as a "Worktop Saver" when I attempted to pick one up I thought at first two were stuck together but it turned...
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    Collet choice?

    Hi Guys I'm looking for some basic advice re COLLETS. I'm at the stage where the purchase of my first milling machine is seriously imminent! And it was only yesterday whilst browsing one of Bogs old posts re his workshop refurb. that I noticed how many collets of one sort or another featured...
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    confusion !!!!

    Having come back to metal machining after a break of some 50 years the past 6 months have been to say the least somewhat of roller-coaster of a learning curve, leaving more questions unanswered than answered so I would be grateful for comments from you younger guys. I took delivery of a Chinese...