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  1. Wagon173

    Thumb piercings

    So I haven't been too active on this forum lately as time has been an issue. I'm still plugging away at my latest mill engine, but woodworking has also gotten a strangle hold on me lately. After a couple of months of getting back into wood working, however, I've realized that even though it's...
  2. Wagon173

    27 tpi

    Is this possible on a harbor freight mini lathe? I'm not a threading guru and it isn't in the manual, but I figure maybe it's because it's not a common pitch. Is there a way to do it?
  3. Wagon173

    Small diesel engine?

    Hey guys. So my dad took me to his friends mom's house the other day and she let me go through her late husbands shop without a leash as she was going to take it all to the dump. In addition to a mini drill press, several bench grinders, an old 10 inch radial arm saw, and more mill tooling...
  4. Wagon173

    New toy perhaps?

    Hey guys. So it's not really an engine question, but this is the only forum I really check with any regularity so I'm throwing it out there anyway. So my mom was going to drop off this treadmill that she doesn't use anymore. Sweet as she may be, she missed that lesson growing up...
  5. Wagon173

    Lathe took a swan dive

    I'm not sure whether I'm more mad about the damage or that I even let it happen in the first place. But I recently moved into my home and the guy that owned it before me had some cabinet under the work bench that stuck out about ten inches. My lathe was setting on it because there was no more...
  6. Wagon173


    So after 8 years I've finally turned in my stripes and am on the road to being a regular average joe! It's pretty exciting and scary but I figured I'd post and lecha all know since I'm mostly just excited woohoo1 Hopefully one day I'll be yelling at all the damn terrorist kids to get off my...
  7. Wagon173

    Busy bee 3" rotary table

    Does anybody have any experience with busybee rotary tables? good or bad. I don't really have the bank account to allow me to splurge on a good one, but several times I've really needed one and had to just jurry rig something to do a "good enough" job. I plan on upgrading my machine once I...
  8. Wagon173

    Rotary valve help

    Has anybody ever built a rotary valve without a rotary table? I'm going to finish the rest of the launch engine before I cut the grooves out of the rotary valve so that I can try to take the best approach I can for now. I'd rather not take a chance on a cheap rotary table as I have no...
  9. Wagon173

    My Launch engine

    So I got the launch engine from LMS for my second build. So far it has turned out pretty simple, minus still not having all of the right machine tools yet. I think I'm going to continue the series of engines from LMS until I'm done with them and that should give me a strong base of experience...
  10. Wagon173


    I know it's just a little guy, but it took me literally FOREVER to make it so I was pretty amped when I got to watch it run finally! I learned a lot of neat stuff while making it too. I think I'm going to go for a flame eater next! <iframe...
  11. Wagon173


    I'm using somewhat odd size tap and dies on my engine. I'm using a 4 36. I did the tap okay as it gave the drill out size on the package. However I'm having trouble finding a chart with a 4 36 on it. The die cuts a rod that is .112 still or no?
  12. Wagon173

    Machining spent ammunition

    I have access to insane amounts of brass casings. Being that brass is as expensive as it is, I was wondering if it machined okay when the primers are punched out and melted down. Will it work for bearings or is it too hard an alloy?
  13. Wagon173

    Diamond allen wrenches...

    So this may be a rookie mistake, but maybe I can save another rookie a few bucks in carbide from posting it. I read that in my steam engine you shouldn't use an aluminum piston with an aluminum cylinder. I know that rule in general but figured that it wouldn't matter in such a small engine...
  14. Wagon173

    Milling machine oppinion

    So after a mishap with my milling attachment I've decided to get a mill with part of my tax return. Even if it did work the way I expected it to, it's just kinda a pain in the butt to set up. Bring on the I told you so's. haha. I'm trying to keep it under 800 bucks. I'd like something that...
  15. Wagon173

    Cheap grinder wheels

    So I have an order in for a few decent wheels. My neighbor gave me a cheap wheel harbor freight I think to get me by until my order gets here and Its warped about 1/8 inch though, and vibrates terribly. Have any of you ever corrected this? Can you gently dress the outside without it exploding?
  16. Wagon173

    My 1st engine is off the ground!

    First off, I'd like to thank everybody in here for infinite patience with what, I'm sure, have been beginner questions that have been asked a thousand times before I asked them! None the less, not one negative word and a lot of encouragement and wonderful advice! You'll make a machinist out of...
  17. Wagon173

    This tool...

    I understand that it's some sort of micrometer. It's made by starrett. My girl picked it up a few weeks ago from craigs list with about 10 assorted starrett mics for a hundred bucks for me. I'm sure I could figure out a good use for it, but I'm clueless as to what it actually is and I can't...
  18. Wagon173

    First engine ideas.

    Okay guys. So I just got back from Afghanistan yesterday. I had to go watch captain america trash some junk cars at monster jam first (that was my girls idea. I know I have a winner!) and then I watched Team USA beat the Canadians in ATV racing so that was a glorious welcome home! I'm...
  19. Wagon173

    Milling attachment

    Does anyone have a good yet cheap source for a milling attachment for the small HF 7x10? I've been looking at the ones on little machine shop but the two that are made for it are in metric. There is another taig one that is standard buy only has a 1 1/2" Vertical travel. That seems to be the...
  20. Wagon173


    Okay so I've wikipedia searched and google searched the scaling factors and it seems very vague to me. In both sources they have explained that it's a dimension based scale but given a volume based example. So which is it? For example, If I build a 1/3 scale go cart off an existing car that...